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Articles for Memorial Day

Jacob Hornberger writes about Memorial Day. He points out hard facts that most people probably don’t want to know, that the U.S. soldiers who were killed in wars were actually not killed defending and protecting our rights and freedoms. Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Vietnamese, Germans, and Koreans didn’t attack the United States of America. They didn’t threaten to attack Americans. And I’ll add that, in fact, the U.S. government attacked, invaded and bombed those countries, and for no good reason. Hornberger explains with facts how FDR and his administration provoked the Japanese.

Zero Hedge with an article on what a fascist, Soviet-like police state the U.K. has become. An activist who calls himself Tommy Robinson was live streaming outside a courthouse and then arrested and sentenced to 13 months in prison for violating a previous suspended sentence. The gubmint imposed a ban on media reporting about this. Articles about this incident have been deleted from the mainstream Press in fascist U.K., but alternative media still cover it. Theresa May is the current ruling tyrant. These people are awful. (Unfortunately, this is the kind of crap that authoritarian Donald Trump aspires to.)

James Bovard writes about your tax dollars bankrolling Afghan child molesters. (Perfect for Memorial Day.)

And in Orwellian Philadelphia, a school district is ordering students to have to smile in the hallways. “‘If you don’t (smile) you get called to the office or down to see your guidance counselor … You have to talk about your problems then. You have to or you get detention’.” (They must be getting their Nazi-like influence from England. You vill smile, and that’s an order!)

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