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What’s With Some “Academics” That They Can’t Tolerate Other Points of View?

Law Professor Jonathan Turley has this post about a University of New Hampshire professor and other academics and snowflakes disrupting a free speech forum held by Dave Rubin. The disrupting imbecile professor teaches “Gender, Power, and Privilege,” and “Transgender Feminism,” so it’s no wonder to me that s/he is not able to tolerate hearing the views of others. We rarely hear professors of chemistry and math disrupting these kinds of events, no?

I agree with Prof. Turley that this UNH professor’s behavior is “anti-intellectual” and that the professor “should be disciplined with a minimum of a suspension from teaching and considered for termination for such conduct.” But most of the video features other questioners and disrupters.

I had not heard of Dave Rubin before. Here is the video that Prof. Turley posted of the event (it’s rather long, but Rubin handles disrupters well):

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