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2018 Candidates for State-Wide Offices: Massachusetts

I’m going to try to write about some of the candidates for state-wide office in 2018 USSA Amerika. It’s just really frustrating. Most of them are either communists or fascists. Not many libertarian, freedom-loving individuals at all. But today I will start with Massachusetts (if I can get through this in one piece).

In Massachusetts, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, America’s “most popular” governor, is up for reelection. He is a squishy Democrat-lite Bill Weld-Gary Johnson liberal Repugnican who believes that “education is a civil right,” and so the government must provide it to kids. Besides the right to education, Baker thinks that transgenders have a right to use opposite-sex bathrooms and showers, so he signed the state-wide bathroom/shower anti-discrimination bill into law, allowing someone who is male to use female bathrooms/showers, and vice versa.

Baker also signed a bill restricting doctors’ authority over their patients’ opioid drug prescriptions, mandating that schools screen students for addiction risk (!), and forcing doctors to have to use a state “Prescription Monitoring Program” database. So much for doctor-patient privacy. And he opposes marijuana legalization. Besides all that “well-meaning” fascism, he also supports using the state police to aid and abet the feds in harassing and deporting innocent immigrants. Sorry, Charlie.

Baker is being challenged in the primary by anti-gay activist pastor Scott Lively, someone who has said and done plenty of controversial things, including his wanting to “criminalize the public advocacy of homosexuality” (including banning “gay pride” parades), and his belief, according to Wikipedia, that “homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.”

Lively received 27% of the delegates votes at the 2018 Republican state convention. So, enough Republican voters in Massachusetts hate Charlie Baker’s guts and are willing to try to oust him with a social-fascist crackpot.

This Lively person presents himself as an ultra-right conservative, but he’s really just another central-planning-obsessed statist. Take his position on education — please. First, he is for a voucher system. His intention is well-meaning, such as promoting “first home-schooling, then private religious and secular community-based day-schools with high parental involvement, then charter schools and lastly government schools.” Apparently, he wants to use vouchers but keep the government’s control over the kids’ education. Why not abolish all government control over education?

But, in response to vouchers, Laurence Vance asked two very important questions (among many others): “Does the fact that some people do not have the money to pay for their preferred education choice justify forcing someone else to pay for it?” And, “Is it the proper role of government to force some Americans to pay for the education of other Americans’ children?”

And second on education, Lively also would “promote a ‘cohort’ approach in which groups of students stay together through all the classes of the core curriculum and operate more like a family.” Huh? But the students aren’t part of a family. What are you, a communist? Melissa Harris-Perry?

And why must the kids stay together in the same classes? Different students achieve and learn at different individual levels. Some are better in math class and some should go to a different class for math, and so on. I think Mr. Lively is trying to use government schools as means for socializing the kids. Not good.

So, more central-planning, social engineering fetish, just like the leftists. Only his agenda (a Biblical one) is different from the leftists.

All this is under the control of the government education system, funded not voluntarily but by taxes, state taxes and/or property taxes confiscated from the people by bureaucrats.

Scott Lively’s economic views are also contradictory. His attempt at promoting entrepreneurship and markets is already confused with his Biblical-communal-collectivism stuff. Lively says that “everything we own and all of the natural resources within our reach were created for our use by God to bless us, and He expects us to be good stewards of them as we fully enjoy them.” So he’s not promoting private property ownership, but to be “good stewards” of God’s resources. He says to “manage our individual and community finances to provide the greatest amount of blessing to the greatest number of people.”

Some of his economic views sound good, like with a lot of “free-market” rhetoric, but then he links to this article from his website, (He capitalizes every word in these paragraphs, how annoying.), in which his idea of a business model sounds anti-capitalist, quite frankly: “Design the Business as an Employee Owned, Profit-Sharing Cooperative Corporation with No More Than Five Salary Tiers, Ensuring that the Highest Paid Employee Earns No More than 5x the Lowest Tier. Team Concept: All Boats Must Rise Together. All for One and One for All.” (Marxist much?) Talk about control-freakishness on steroids.

Unfortunately, the collectivist-communitarian Biblical stuff mixed in with “free-market economics” shows he doesn’t get private property and free markets. He says nothing about dismantling the vast state government bureaucracies, abolishing most of the departments, abolishing the state income tax-theft and the state sales tax-theft, and so on. Nothing.

So, there isn’t much difference between the squishy Gov. Charlie Half-Baker, his Rethug primary opponent Scott Lively, and the two Democrats running, Bob Massie and Jay Gonzalez, who might as well say they are communists. “Free health care, free education, free this and that,” and so on.

Also in Massachusetts, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a.k.a. Pocahontas (a.k.a. Liawatha) is not being challenged by any other communists Democrats, but there are other candidates.

For instance, among four independent candidates is the most well-known, Indian-American scientist Shiva Ayyadurai, who recently had an issue with the city of Cambridge whose bureaucrats wouldn’t allow him to have a sign on his campaign bus that read, “Only a real Indian can defeat a fake Indian.” Ayyadurai also was known for the “invented email” controversy. Unfortunately he’s another anti-immigration fascist, “Build the wall!” etc. Oh, well.

There are three Republicans running in the primary to challenge Pocahontas. They are typical statists. No libertarians. (Does that matter anyway? Today’s “Libertarian” Party is a train wreck.)

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