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Are There Any Libertarians Still in Amerika?

Justin Raimondo asks, Whatever happened to the libertarian movement? in his recent article in Chronicles magazine. The principles of liberty seem to have been forgotten and the “social justice” warriors have taken over the movement, i.e. joined the left. The Cato Institute became drug-addicted, with their drug being Washington Power, and the Niskanen Center pushes for universal income and climate change laws. Gary Johnson the pothead and Bill Weld the Hillary supporter pretty much told the rest of the world that the Libertarian Party was no more.

Raimondo has been writing in defense of Donald Trump, who has been targeted by a huge smear campaign especially by the national security state, a.k.a. deep state. Raimondo notes Cato’s Julian Sanchez’s defense of the FBI in its illegal use of surveillance powers against the Trump campaign. So hatred of Donald Trump seems to interfere with the rational thinking of some people now.

I think the Donald Trump phenomenon has affected things in the movement to promote liberty and dismantle the State, in some ways. The good part of the Trump factor is Trump’s eliciting the media and pundits’ outrage at his political incorrectness, and this past year or two his exposing the news media for the ignorant, biased and corrupt people that many of them are. Trump also gives me a good laugh, such as “low-IQ Mika” and other causes of gasps and tsk-tsks. But Trump’s love for the military and government police is sickening, his militarism taking things where Bush and Obama left off, is criminal, in my view. And Trump wants to execute drug traffickers — but what about the doctors and pharmacists and Big Pharma who are trafficking in legal drugs that are contributing to a lot of violence and deaths? The simple-minded, short-sighted Trump doesn’t see the big picture, that ending the drug war and ending prohibition removes the black market which will effect in ending the violence and criminality associated with it. And that shaming doctors for giving patients powerful, addictive opiates, people who don’t need them, might help as well.

In his Chronicles article Raimondo praises the Ron Paul movement — good — and the Mises Institute. He gets into his nationalism stuff briefly, without mentioning “America First” which he has been calling for throughout the Trump election. Frankly, I don’t know what America has to do with freedom anymore, or how “America First” is associated in any way with libertarianism. As I’ve said plenty of times here, the country is too big, it’s too big in area — 3.7 million square miles — and it’s too big in population — 320 million — to be a “united” republic. It needs to be decentralized, and eventually it will be just as the Soviet Union fell apart, and the European Union is also doing. But sadly, there are generations of people who were raised to worship this “America” thing, not really to understand the actual ideas and principles which were its underpinnings, but follow the mythology of “America the beautiful,” “city on a hill,” and so on. It’s just not realistic, especially when we have centralized rulers who refuse to let go of the power and their fiefdoms.

One thing Raimondo made reference to that I wanted to address was an appearance on Tucker Carlson by Reason magazine’s Katherine Mangu-Ward, who, when asked if it mattered that immigrants get some jobs in America rather than Americans, she apparently answered no. Justin doesn’t provide actual quotes. He then writes, “Who cares if they’re Americans? Who cares if it’s the family next door? Who cares about the country? America isn’t a place; it’s an Idea!”

But it shouldn’t matter, in my view. What matters is that we have a free society. Isn’t that what libertarians are striving for? Nationalists and conservatives against immigration seem to have this notion that Americans are entitled to jobs in America. No, Americans are not entitled to a job provided by an American employer. Are you entitled to an employer hiring you even though another applicant is better qualified?

On the contrary, it is the employer who is entitled to hire whomever the employer determines to be the best qualified candidate for the job. And that entitlement is based on private property rights and freedom of association, which are very important principles that libertarians should be advocating.

If Mexican Carlos gets the job that American Dave also applied for, then that should incentivize American Dave to strengthen his abilities and qualifications to get a better job that he wants to get.

Just like in trade, when American consumers who choose to buy a better quality product from a foreign producer at a lower price — that should incentivize American producers to make better quality products at lower prices. So this kind of economic freedom and personal freedom, which should be universal, is the freedom that libertarians should be promoting. Right? Free trade in consumer goods and services as well as free trade in labor and employment. That’s the libertarian way.

So the nationalism stuff takes our freedom down a few notches (or more than just a few), in my view. During the period of the late 19th Century into early 20th Century there was quite a bit more freedom than there is now. But the nationalists and the progressives came along and gave us the Fed, the income tax, wars and the national security state. Why are there “libertarians” who support those awful branches of the evil State?

The national security state? That’s another thing. Is that now a part of the Libertarian Party? Apparently, the current LP Chair (It says “Chair” on the website, not “Chairman,” because they are afraid of offending the SJW loony-tunes snowflakes.) Nicholas Sarwark is on the WikiLeaks list of intelligence assets, the “Global Intelligence Files.” Well, after the warmonger Bob Barr and the idiot Gary Johnson, and the watering down of LP principles, I guess I am not surprised, if it’s true, anyway. It might not be true.

Tom Woods tweeted this tweet by Nicholas Sarwark, in which Sarwark links to this article about white male privilege. In that Sarwark tweet, Sarwark writes, “A helpful article from @scalzi on how the game of life works.” Besides showing that Sarwark is an SJW, in that tweet’s comments he corrects other commenters’ grammar and spelling. “You’re,” not “your” and so on. (My, how appealing.)

Hmm, I have just seen that Sarwark is now running for mayor of Phoenix. writes: “Although he’s deeply involved in the Libertarian party, he said he’s focused on getting the city back to its basic functions, like keeping the ‘streets safe and clean water’ — not partisan ‘pet projects’.”

I didn’t know that libertarianism involved “getting the city [City Hall?] back to its basic functions, like keeping the streets safe and clean water.”

So, the “Chair” of the Libertarian Party is an SJW who wants to preside over a city government to keep streets safe and the water clean. What about the right to keep and bear arms? Won’t that keep the streets safe? City government will keep the streets safe? What about protecting private property? I guess this “libertarian” likes centralization of power. Oh, well.

Now, I am sorry that the Cato-Reason-Gary Johnson crowd had to come along and further erode the libertarian movement with their “social justice” crapola. Johnson would force a Jewish baker to have to bake a cake for a Nazi. The Libertarian Party has been going downhill since the days of Ron Paul and Harry Browne, and especially since its 2003 support of the Iraq war via a central planning “exit strategy.” Yech.

In my view, the libertarian way of life would have to coincide with a thorough rejection of the State. The State is the one organization and apparatus of people that has most violated the lives and freedom of innocents throughout time. Nothing comes close! The State is evil, a criminal racket, and it cannot be “reformed.” But it’s difficult to get that across to people who have spent the first 12 to 16 years of their lives in government schools, or government-controlled private schools, being raised to be “good citizens” i.e. obedient sheeple and subservient to the bureaucrats and enforcers of the State.

I want to see more libertarians who believe in self-ownership, and in freedom of thought and conscience. The SJW stuff doesn’t belong in libertarianism, because libertarianism coincides with individualism, in which group identity shouldn’t matter. Many self-identified libertarians accept the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because they reject private property rights and freedom of association. Those concepts, which actually are part of the underpinnings of America, are almost lost.

However, nationalism is a part of “group identity” politics as well. I wish the nationalists could see that. Collectivism is a very bad thing, just like the State. Nationalism is a form of collectivism, and in my view that collectivist nationalism is just as destructive as the State and statism.

I’m sure that some will disagree with me on this, but real libertarians will always oppose the initiation of all wars, as such libertarians will immediately disbelieve the government propaganda to justify war. You have to assume that the bureaucrats are lying, and unless their intelligentsia and “journalist” stenographers are brainwashed True Believers, they are lying, too! Real libertarians are for civil liberties and will have to agree that there would be no NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, and TSA in a free society. And no central planning controls on the movements of millions of people either, foreigners or domestic inhabitants. A libertarian world would be a free society. Really, a free society. Sadly, a lot of libertarians just don’t get that.

So, while I disagree with him on his “America First” (I’m for “Freedom First” —  that’s better.) and this nationalism and anti-immigration stuff, I am nevertheless with Justin Raimondo on his yearning for the old libertarianism of decades ago. And I hope he completely gets rid of that cancer so he can get on with his life and go on with his writing at and his informative and sometimes funny tweets.

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