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Bipartisan Police State Approval Lurks Behind Alleged Corruption Revelations

Ron Paul has some interesting commentary about the recent FBI-DOJ FISA abuse revelations.

First, the memo demonstrates that there is a “deep state” that does not want things like elections to threaten its existence. Candidate Trump’s repeated promises to get along with Russia and to re-assess NATO so many years after the end of the Cold War were threatening to a Washington that depends on creating enemies to sustain the fear needed to justify a trillion dollar yearly military budget.

Second, the memo shows us that neither Republicans nor Democrats really care that much about surveillance abuse when average Americans are the victims.

Ironically, Chairman Nunes was the biggest cheerleader for the extension of the FISA Amendments even as he knew how terribly the FISA process had been abused!

Finally, hawks on both sides of the aisle in Congress used “Russia-gate” as an excuse to build animosity toward Russia among average Americans. They knew from the classified information that there was no basis for their claims that the Trump Administration was put into office with Moscow’s assistance, but they played along because it served their real goal of keeping the US on war footing and keeping the gravy train rolling.

So it’s all about the gravy train, as the professional Washington parasites continue to use war-on-terror fear-mongering as a pretext for their continued living off the labor and productivity of others. Parasitism is clearly a bipartisan way of life.

And Justin Raimondo notes that Rep. Devin Nunes, of the controversial Nunes memo, voted to continue unconstitutional FISA spying abuses even though he obviously knew of the FBI-DOJ abuses. So, is this Nunes person just another phony-baloney?

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