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On the Oath-Breakers in Washington

Judge Andrew Napolitano has this informative article on the members of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee withholding information from the rest of Congress that probably would’ve changed the minds of several members and caused them to vote against the recent extension of warrantless (i.e. unconstitutional) surveillance of innocent Americans. The bill would not have passed had the other members had the information.

The recent behavior of the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee constitutes incompetence at best and misconduct in office at worst. The leadership sat on knowledge of NSA and FBI surveillance abuses that some committee members have characterized as “career-ending,” “jaw-dropping” and “KGB-like,” while both houses of Congress — ignorant of what their 22 House Intelligence Committee colleagues knew — voted to expand NSA and FBI surveillance authorities.

According to Zero Hedge, the memo in question names top current and former DOJ and FBI officials, including James Comey. Another top FBI hack is also said to be the leaker of confidential information to the Wall Street Journal.

If it’s true that FBI and DOJ officials abused surveillance authority and conspired with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to attempt to prevent a Trump election win, then their doing so was an attempt to undermine the will of the voters, which in my view would be a treasonous act. And I’m not a Trump supporter, as any regular reader to this blog well knows.

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