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The Ignorant SJW Useful Idiots

When Donald Trump tried to comment on the Charlottesville white supremacists and neo-Nazi vs. “antifa” melee, he said there was blame on all sides for the violence that occurred. He was trying to explain that while some of the white supremacists and neo-Nazis were armed with clubs and guns and looking for a fight, so were some of the “antifa” members.  But because of his extremely low intelligence level and inability to articulate actual facts correctly, he wasn’t clear on that. And for that he was falsely accused of “showing support for white supremacists and Nazis.”

And the mainstream media would not report that some antifa participants were armed with clubs also looking for a fight. Typical of the extremely dishonest, agenda-driven ignoramuses of the mainstream media.

Now, the idiots who chanted such things as “Jews will not replace us” are not helping any. In fact, I am suspicious as to their legitimacy as “neo-Nazis” and/or white supremacists, and by that I mean it is quite possible that they (among some of those others at Charlottesville) could have been paid agitators and agents provocateurs, like from FBI or similar anti-American groups to further smear supporters of freedom, free speech, individualism, etc. on behalf of the leftists.

But should I let those people’s chanting of “Jews will not replace us” bother me? No, not really. And I’m Jewish, by the way. In fact, an anguished Jew. Yes, those morons do have a right to say those stupid things if they want to.

The “Free Speech” rally in Boston was quite different than the event in Charlottesville that turned violent. I know because I was not there and wasn’t at the other one either.

But according to Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, the Boston rally was a “free-speech rally, minus the free speech.” A small group of conservatives and libertarians, mainly, wanted to have a rally to show the importance of free speech and diversity of views, and in opposition to violence. One problem was that Mayor Marty Walsh smeared the rally organizers by implying they were racists and haters, that they were the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who invaded Charlottesville.

So, many of the so-called counter-protesters attended the event in Boston erroneously thinking they were protesting a rally for Nazis and racists, thanks to the misinformation disseminated by the ignorant Mayor Marty Walsh.

The so-called counter-protesters far outnumbered the rally-attendees, who were separated quite a distance from the larger crowd by the SJW-activists of the Boston police, and so the so-called protesters never had a chance to hear what the free speech-proponents had to say. That goes with the police at the Charlottesville event being told to stand down and let people attack each other.

On the website, Steve Sailer quoted some comments by a “Rapparee” who attended the Boston event, who noted,

I saw two guys with an anti-Nazi & anti-Antifa sign that said nothing specific about President Trump. I chatted for a bit with a 19-year-old whose sign said “F*** Nazis, F*** Antifa, Donald Trump 2020“, hanging around at a quiet end of the common away from the commotion. He had apparently been surrounded by hundreds of angry protesters and rescued from the crowd by a team of cops…

It’s not simply that they have a lot of tattoos and piercings, but that these are peculiarly hideous in placement and form. They also dress horribly.

There was a big commotion at one point and I heard “They found one!“. Some distance away, a crowd was moving as a unit, and I heard things like “Get him! Get the Nazi! Smash Fascists!“. Closer up, I saw a frightened normal-looking guy (with no political badges of any kind) surrounded buy six or seven big cops, plowing through the crowd at high speed. After he had passed, one lass exclaimed “I got to yell at a Nazi!” as though this had made her day, but of course nobody in our part of the common had the slightest idea who the guy was, or why the mob started chasing him in the first place.

Fox News tweeted a video of an “antifa” degenerate coward hitting a lady holding an American flag and attempting to push the flag away and she goes after him.

So we have thousands and thousands of people who think like collectivists, making ignorant assumptions that some guy is a “Nazi” (because he wasn’t full of disgusting tattoos, nose pins or wearing images with the F-word like they were, apparently).

And I just wrote a major article, part of which explained the importance of presumption of innocence. (It’s so important, in fact, that I put that in bold, just so you’ll know.)

A member of Software Engineers for Liberty named Brandon Navom who participated in the Boston Free Speech rally was the victim of the ignorant stasi (who call people they know nothing about, a “Nazi”) who tweeted at Navom’s employer that he was a “Nazi” just because he attended the Free Speech rally and the employer then fired him, sans due process, sans actual truth. So who is the real “Nazi” now, you punks? Tom Woods interviewed Brandon Navom about this act of injustice by the people who claim to be for “peace and love.”

Unfortunately, we have collectivist-minded leftist activists who smear those who believe in individualism, non-aggression, and voluntary exchange. And yes, many in the media are intentionally and knowingly participating in the smear.

It’s not just the leftists and the media, but the conservatives and neocons on the so-called right, such as John Podhoretz who called Ron Paul “old and stupid and an anti-Semite and a con man and a disgrace and a piece of dung.” Only an ignorant moron could think or say those things about Ron Paul. But then, Podhoretz is a neocon. (See this, this, and this, on some of my writing about Ron Paul, and read his own articles and speeches, and his books, to get a much more accurate sense of Ron Paul and his views.)

Speaking of ignorant social activists, this compulsion now to destroy historical artifacts like ISIS does in Syria, and taking down Civil War-era statues. There is something seriously troubling in these characters who are doing those things, and their corny behavior like hysterically kicking the statue after it’s torn down? These people are just nuts.

And now we have the people on the left who are against free speech but support actual physical violence against their ideological opponents. The Daily Caller discussed Chuck Todd’s recent interview of Dartmouth professor Mark Bray who says, in his defense of antifa violence, “A lot of people are under attack … and sometimes they need to be able to defend themselves.”

However, he’s not talking about being under attack physically. He’s talking about being under attack by ideas he doesn’t like, or by ignorant rantings of white nationalists who think that skin color is actually important, but who aren’t threatening actual violence.

The Daily Caller also had a recent article about an Art Institute of Washington professor, John Griffin, who wrote on Facedbook that Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for their health care bill.

During the 2012 Presidential election, many Obama supporters were calling for riots and for the Republican nominee Willard Romney to be assassinated if he won. That was reported by Infowars and maybe a few other websites, but not the mainstream media.

Many of these same people also got upset when fired Google employee James Damore wrote that females generally tend not to be as drawn to STEM careers as males. That’s just a matter of fact. And those reactionaries who lack a good reading comprehension ability made false conclusions about what he actually wrote and so they just made stuff up.

Unfortunately, some people have a problem accepting that males and females really are different. And this James Damore, by the way, is still an irrational Social Justice Warrior.

A lot of people are brainwashed with this or that false idea, such as much of the SJW agenda and much of the LGBT agenda. There are a lot of lies, propaganda, and pure hogwash being handed down to naive and gullible people. For example, as soon as the Washington Post and other media outlets began to spread the “Trump-Russia collusions/hacking” false news that became the narrative, many people believed it, for months.

So the SJW propaganda is being mixed in with civilian disarmament and the national security state propaganda that mainstream media are promoting while censoring the truth.

And while YouTube censors various conservative viewpoints, it is also “purging evidence of war crimes, labeling it as ‘extremist’ content,” according to Activist Post.

So in the same way that people believed the fake news about “Trump-Russia collusions/hacking,” there are many nationalists and conservatives who believe the propaganda that various elements of the national security state have been spreading, unquestioningly repeated word for word by the morons of the mainstream media.

For instance, regarding the latest news on Afghanistan, I hear these talk radio personalities liking the idea of Trump listening to the psychopath generals he has surrounding him, like Mattis, Kelly and McMaster. Even though these are the guys who ruined Iraq and Afghanistan and who turned those countries into Sharia law theocracies as shown in their new constitutions, and who caused the growth and proliferation of ISIS.

Trump should have gone with his instincts to get the U.S. the hell out of Afghanistan. But because of his extremely low IQ and the generals’ ability to psy-op him, they convinced him otherwise. (See Lawrence Wilkerson on the dangers of Trump handing war decisions over to the Pentacon, and Glenn Greenwald on empowering generals and CIA operatives to subvert Trump’s campaign agenda.)

You see, the “antifa” protesters and counter-protesters mentioned above only care about the ignorant rantings of idiot white nationalists, but are clueless about what our government is really doing to us, as well as why the national security state continues its agenda of U.S. government expansionism and militarism overseas: to further provoke foreigners and poke the hornets nests of those primitive and barbaric cultures to cause endless “terrorism” to empower and feed the egos of the national security state bureaucracy and their crony fatcats in the so-called “private” sector.

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