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The “Deep State” Works with the Left to Take Down a Potential Anti-Establishment Threat

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, but he doesn’t realize it. He has appointed H.R. McMaster as national security advisor, and John Kelly as chief of staff, among all the other generals of the Pentacon and the national security state apparatus. They along with the Left and the mainstream media are working feverishly to take down Donald Trump as President.

The latest news is that Trump’s national security advisor H.R. McMaster has fired Ezra Cohen-Watnick from the National Security Council. Cohen-Watnick had briefed U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes on the intelligence (sic) community’s “incidental surveillance” of Donald Trump’s transition team, according to the New York Times. McMaster seems to be acting on behalf of the national security state (a.k.a. “Deep State”) as he is purging those who along with Trump himself (at least candidate Donald Trump) have been not particularly obedient to the Establishment and its national security state wing.

According to the Times and WND, McMaster also fired Rich Higgins, a director of strategic planning, and Derek Harvey, a National Security Council Middle-East advisor. McMaster fired Higgins because Higgins had written a memo critical of the Left and the “globalists” and “Islamists” as “Maoist insurgencies” within the so-called deep state who are trying to remove Trump based on Trump’s own criticism of Establishment globalist activists within the federal government. Higgins also brought up the collusions among the Left, political activists, and the mainstream media, which he is exactly right about.

Cohen-Watnick, Harvey and Higgins all seem to be associates of Steve Bannon, Trump’s closest advisor and self-described “economic nationalist” (i.e. national socialist) who is sometimes derogatorily referred to as a member of the “alt-right.” The WND article mentions that McMaster’s real goal may very well be Bannon to oust.

The WND article also mentions that Harvey had kept a list of Obama “holdovers,” federal employees still working under the Trump administration who may not be favorable to Trump or Trump’s agenda and who may be among the saboteurs and/or leakers who are working to get Trump out of the White House. One big indication that McMaster is a part of the Establishment or “deep state,” along with the Obama holdovers is that McMaster was quoted as stating that “there is no such thing as a holdover.” Not good.

So Trump’s initial efforts to criticize, expose and “drain the swamp” of the Establishment are being sabotaged not only from the national security state apparatus, the intelligence (sic) community, the Pentacon, CIA, etc., but from the Left and the Obama-Clinton activists. This is why McMaster is firing Trump associates but no one from the Establishment national security state and no one from the Obama holdovers.

Sadly, regarding those Obama holdovers and those on the Left who have been critical of Trump and his supporters, the Obama-Clinton leftists are mainly concerned about words and rhetoric specifically based on race, sex, LGBT, and ethnicity, i.e. superficial matters that really don’t matter in the real world. They couldn’t care less about Trump’s CIA drone bombings and murders of innocent civilians overseas on a daily basis, or his love of police brutality and lack of understanding of due process. And in fact, some of Trump’s economic central planning are policies that many on the Left agree with!

Regarding Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s “economic nationalism” (i.e. national socialism), such collectivist policies go against just about every principle America was founded on, such as private property, private property rights, freedom of association, free markets, individualism and self-determination. In other words, freedom. Trump’s economic central planning violates those principles, and is thus “un-American.”

I wish that the conservatives and nationalists understood that immigration controls imposed by the centralized government are socialist controls, as Jacob Hornberger pointed out recently. And that’s why they don’t work. Socialism really doesn’t work, and it never has worked. Just let people have their freedom — immigrants, workers, businessmen, and employers. It is the control freaks in government and their supporters who are the real “intruders,” not the immigrants. Just don’t let the immigrants get any government welfare. Ya think?

Anyway, I really wish that Trump had more balls and would stick to his guns on the anti-war rhetoric he gave during the campaign, and the anti-Establishment stuff as well. Obviously, the so-called deep state didn’t even have to threaten to give him the JFK treatment or even blackmail him. While Trump has a super ability to play the media like a violin, which is quite enjoyable, the national security state has that same ability to play Trump like a violin, because he is so simple-minded and has a maturity level of a 7th grader and a low IQ. All the national security state needed was their psy-ops, which all those generals surrounding Trump are very good at. So while I find Trump’s policies and his agenda of Big Government central planning socialism quite loathsome and un-American, I have to nevertheless come to his defense when it comes to the daily attacks, the lies and made-up “fake news,” the sabotages coming from both the national security state and “intelligence” community, and the Left and mainstream media.

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