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The Latest in Twilight Zone Amerika

It’s amazing how worked up some people are getting in reaction to Donald Trump’s tweeting. His tweets directed at Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were hysterical, in my view. And his cartoonish video of him beating up someone in a business suit with the CNN logo superimposed like Trump was beating up CNN — oooh, that’s bad. That’s so “unpresidential.” (Grow up, as Joan Rivers would say.)

Some people post or write something “offensive,” but when people on the left do the same thing, that’s okay? But now, Kathy Griffin got criticized for her depiction of Trump with his head chopped off like she’s an ISIS follower. I had no idea who Kathy Griffin was until this. And the “Shakespeare in the Park” play Julius Caesar depicted Trump as being assassinated. On Salem Radio, Mike Gallagher was fuming over that, and he suggested that maybe such a play shouldn’t be allowed or protected by the First Amendment.

No, of course that’s protected speech. It’s just a dramatization, Mr. Gallagher. No need to panic. No need to be a snowflake. I think that maybe Gallagher is a little more sensitive than the average talk radio personality. In fact, just today he was talking about his miserable little schlep of a dog, Rory with all her medical problems. I think he mentioned installing a wheelchair ramp for her. I feel bad for that poor dog.

Speaking of tweeting, Justin Raimondo retweeted Ann Coulter retweeting a “sadfleck” tweet about disabling archiving services of their web pages, including the Wayback Machine, which Vice says are “right-wing archiving websites.” Vice is doing this as part of their “taking a stand against Racism, Bigotry and Islamophobia.” They explain that they are doing this because those writing about Vice, citing and linking to Vice articles for criticism and so on are doing so without giving Vice “a chance to update, remove or edit” their Vice articles i.e. removing the evidence against them that people are citing to show what irrational morons they are.

Vice expresses concern about “Xenophobia, Racism, and Sexism,” that is, how people think and what people believe about this or that, but I don’t see much on about Donald Trump’s (formerly Obama’s) drone bombing in Yemen and Syria and Iraq mainly murdering innocent civilians. And when it comes to Muslims, on Vice’s homepage I see an an article titled, “Young Muslims talk about the first time they got wasted.” So articles mainly about sexual deviancy and drugs. It’s not a “news and commentary” website, obviously.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less about what ignorant things people think or say about race or other group identities. People have a right to freedom of thought and conscience, and a right to think and believe whatever they think and believe, even when we think they are wrong. The authoritarian fascists on the left don’t seem to understand that. However, there are a lot of authoritarian fascists on the other side who get all emotional if someone burns a flag or if Christians get discriminated against in “public schools.” (The answer to that last issue is to de-monopolize and privatize all the schools. Duh.)

So, while I think that ignorant people have a right to think or say something about me because of my being white, they don’t have a right to actually do something to me based on that. And the same thing goes with my being Jewish. I just heard Hugh Hewitt on the radio this morning promoting an event he is doing with Dennis Prager, “Ask a Jew.” I don’t know, whatever. I guess Prager is an expert on all things Jewish.

Speaking of all things Jewish, Walter Block has this article today asking all the Jews worldwide to vote in the Israeli election (apparently, anyone Jewish can vote in this election, even those outside of Israel) for libertarian candidate Rafi Farber for the Knesset. Farber is a Rothbardian and an “anarcho-libertarian,” according to Walter Block. But I digress.

Back to Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager and the other Salem Radio talk show personalities. Unfortunately, while those radio talkers criticize the people on the left such as the aforementioned Vice and CNN as irrational and authoritarian, they themselves are quite authoritarian. In fact, I think that all the Salem talk hosts are more authoritarian, militaristic and police-statist in their views than other “conservative” radio personalities such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. (I listen to them all, I can’t stand them but I listen to them, because I’ve been a talk radio addict since the 1980s, oh, well.)

To them, “patriotism” is synonymous with authoritarianism and militarism, it seems to me. When Colin Kaepernick didn’t want to stand for the Pledge of Obedience, and when Gary Johnson pointed out a moral equivalence between Syrian civilians killed by Assad (or ISIS) and civilians killed by U.S. forces (such as in their bombing of a civilian hospital), Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt were literally huffing and puffing.

One might make a slight exception for Larry Elder in the Salem talkers’ authoritarianism, such as in his promoting genuinely free markets in health care as Rand Paul has been trying to do. The other Salem radio hosts have been promoting RepubliCare, the current bill that attempts to replace socialized medicine with socialized medicine. (Hugh Hewitt has been the worst propagandist pushing this RepubliCare. He is ghastly, in my view.) But Larry Elder is a very big supporter of government police, and is just another neocon. In this post Charles Burris shows Larry Elder’s recent “Prager University” video, “deceptive and disingenuous” “Pravda-like neocon propaganda” as Burris puts it, a video which asks if JFK would have been a Democrat or a Republican now. Burris explains how this picture of John F. Kennedy as a Cold Warrior at his death was not accurate, as JFK had become much more pro-peace, promoting talks with Russia and nuclear disarmament prior to his death.

A lot of these neocons say they’re “pro-life,” yet they endorse targeting innocent civilians for death, such as the atom bombing of Japan as well as the fire bombings against civilian populations during World War II and other times.

Here is a recent article by former U.S. State Department diplomat Peter van Buren discussing the civilian deaths caused by U.S. government aggressions throughout the Middle East as well as World War II and Vietnam and elsewhere.

In my view, the True Believers in “American Exceptionalism” are conditioned to rationalize murder and mass murder as “collateral damage,” or other propagandish terms. As mentioned above regarding the killing of civilians in Syria, the rationalist True Believers are moral relativists. (i.e., if you really believe in absolute morality, then you’d believe that it’s immoral to target or kill ANY innocent human beings, period!) Such True Believers are just as brainwashed in their ideologies of authoritarian State idolatry as the millennials and the people on the left seem brainwashed in their ideology of race obsession, gender obsession, ethnicity obsession and homosexuality obsession.

Too bad those on the left do not seem concerned about our government’s slaughter of innocents abroad over the years as they are concerned about “racists” and “sexists.” (I guess that lack of concern is why they are “pro-choice.”)

And finally, speaking of neocons masquerading as libertarians, it seems that Austin Petersen is leaving the Libertarian Party and running for U.S. Senate as a Rethuglican. Good riddance, as far as I’m concerned. When he ran for President as an LP candidate, Petersen said that he would enforce all laws on the books, even those he disagreed with. Well! It’s nice to see someone of principle running for public office! He also promised to cut spending across the board by a whopping 1%! Ooooh, 1%! Talk about dedicated to the taxpayers! And he says, “Allow young people to opt out of Social Security.”

No, the real libertarian position is to abolish government-run Social Security and the involuntary confiscatory taxes to run such a racket. (Thank god for that “right-wing” website, the Wayback Machine.) Petersen also says that he’s against the non-aggression principle. Hence, a Rethuglican. I’m glad he has seen the light and has left the Libertarian Party (which sucks enough as it is, quite frankly).

Just one last thing about the Libertarian Party, there is a New Hampshire state representative who has announced his switch to the Libertarian Party, bringing the total number of LP members in the NH House to three. But it is not a full-time job there as it is in other more parasitic states. The Reason article states that the new LP member, Brandon Phinney, works in the “Carroll County Department of Corrections.” Yech. You know, Brandon, it would help the libertarian cause if so-called, self-described “libertarians” didn’t have actual employment by the government. Especially being a part of the whole apparatus that locks up innocent people for disobedience, i.e. disobeying unjust laws inflicted by the nanny state, the police state, and the regulatory state. Can you find something less loathsome?

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