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The Real Putin?

I haven’t seen the Oliver Stone interviews of Vladimir Putin, but Justin Raimondo highlights some interesting revelations from the first interview, and Raimondo states that he will write more on this as a series. Raimondo notes that in the interview Putin conveys that he is not in favor of “restoring the old Soviet Union” as he has been accused by propagandists of wanting to do. Putin actually is a proponent of private property, and the problem he had with Gorbachev’s reforms was — and this in some way is also articulated by ex-Soviet bureaucrat turned dissident Yuri Maltsev — the people who were most resistant of privatization were the cronies who were really resistant of letting go of their government controls and fiefdoms (sounds like the typical bureaucrats and hacks here in good ol’ USA). For instance, Raimondo quotes Putin:

Do you know who was not happy with the new laws [which opened up the bidding process for state-owned industries]? Those who were not true businessmen. Those who earned their millions or billions not thanks to their entrepreneurial talents, but thanks to their ability to force good relationships with the government – those people were not happy.

Gosh, how I wish so-called “free-market capitalists” here in the U.S. and “conservative” Republicans had such an understanding of those things. Oh, well.

Raimondo seems to conclude that Putin is actually pro-America, certainly more pro-America than the propagandists of the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the two major political parties Republicrat and Demopublican. But that is not the image we apparently have of Putin coming from the aforementioned propagandists.

It could be that those American propagandists on both left and right are not as much pro-America as they are pro-government.

From this interview of Putin it seems apparent that perhaps Putin really does have an understanding of (and appreciation for) free markets and private ownership of the means of production, far more than the typical “conservative” dimwit political hack I hear everyday on with Sean Hannity and Mike Gallagher. These days, it really seems that the morons in Washington would prefer full communism than a society of free exchange and private property rights, as we can see form the ongoing debate over “health care” (whatever that means any more).

Raimondo also gets into the topic of who attempted to assassinate Putin, supposedly five times. Obviously, in my view, it’s the CIA, because if there is anyone who already has an idea of Putin’s pro-America, pro-free market and private property sentiments (that prior to this interview most of us had never heard before), it would be the CIA. From all their spying, they must know everything about Putin! Like most other government bureaucrats, they probably also favor communism rather than a free society, because a free society (free of government intrusions, etc.) takes power away from them!

One thing I disagree with Putin on in that interview is his speaking favorably of then-President George H.W. Bush’s 1991 invasion of Iraq. That was a big mistake, a criminal act, a war crime, and along with sanctions it was a large contributor to the motivations that led to 9/11.

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