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The Daily Caller has this long list of attacks by thugs and marauders on conservatives and Trump supporters. (Meanwhile, late last year Daily Caller had this list of “hate crimes” or harassment by Trump supporters that turned out to be false accusations or hoaxes. And don’t forget all the Jewish Community Center bomb threats that it turned out they were allegedly perpetrated by a 19-year-old American-Israeli hacker located in Israel. But people tend to believe the media’s hysterical fake news.)

A judge has convicted a young lady of involuntary manslaughter because she encouraged, by texts and phone calls, her then-teenaged boyfriend to commit suicide (he did). So the judge, appointed by former Gov. Deval Patrick (shock!), believed that words can be responsible for killing someone. This is another legal decision against freedom of speech, and another example of our society’s further relieving people of responsibility for their own actions. The boy committed suicide by his own free will. Just because someone tells you to do something that doesn’t mean you do it. Regardless of what she said to him, he nevertheless chose to kill himself. (See Walter Block on “incitement.”) The ACLU is right to oppose this decision, as do most lawyers who have commented on this case. The young lady should not have waived her right to a jury trial, because there would have been at least several jurors with common sense who would not have voted her guilty, unlike the idiot judge. (Have I mentioned that the judge was appointed by another idiot, Deval Patrick?)

Justin Raimondo says that Mexico is the real threat, not Russia. He says legalizing drugs won’t solve the problem, but legalizing all drugs will effect in the cartels and drug lords no longer having any “business,” which thrives on the prohibition of drugs. Yes, organized crime gangsters continued after the alcohol Prohibition ended many years ago, but I don’t think you can compare the two situations. The drug war also consists of U.S. government agencies’ complicity in the trafficking and smuggling. The whole drug prohibition thing is a racket.

Don Boudreaux says that economists are not therapists.

Jack Burns reports on another unbelievable school-related police drill that was conducted without saying it was a drill. (Who would do these things?)

Dave Bohon writes about Ontario’s new law to take children away from parents who oppose “gender expression.” (That’s disgusting, and criminal. Like everyone else, parents have a right to freedom of thought and conscience. People shouldn’t be punished for believing the truth about gender confused persons.)

Phillip Nelson discusses the Israeli military’s attack on the USS Liberty.

Washington’s Blog asks, Will the mainstream media ever report on false flags? (Me asks: What about real ones, like the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty?)

Ron Paul asks, Why are the U.S. government and its military attacking the Syrians who are fighting ISIS?

Gareth Porter says that the long war in Afghanistan, that George W. Bush started for no good reason, has been self-serving for the officers and bureaucrats.

Tony Cartalucci writes that Tehran was always the U.S. government’s and thus the Islamic State’s final destination.

Ray McGovern discusses hiding the ugly business of torture.

Aaron Nelson on the U.S. military’s own secret brand of fake news.

Bionic Mosquito criticizes “libertarians” who support a universal basic income.

Chris Calton has this article on natural law libertarianism.

Darius Shahtahmasebi discusses where the U.S. ranks on the list of most peaceful nations in the world.

Catherine Frompovich writes about mandatory vaccinations.

Bill Sardi on starving cancer cells out of existence.

And Kalee Brown on mainstream media and Big Pharma’s false health claims.

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