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Bureaucratic Nincompoops And Their Obsession for Control

Wendy McElroy posted links to these two articles on her blog, Oregon wants to regulate flexible work schedules out of existence, and in Chicago a Proposed “Fair Workweek” would mandate predictable schedules, stable paychecks. Local imbeciles  in state and local governments who have never run a business now want to even more interfere in the marketplace and in employment. Who do they think they are, federal imbeciles?

As George McGovern wrote, “A politician’s dream is a businessman’s nightmare.” (George McWho?)

And it’s the same thing now in the health care debate, in which the Republicons are channeling their inner Mao in their craving for control as they just can’t bring themselves to actually repeal the ObamaCare monstrosity. But finally, now we hear Donald Trump tweeting, as I have been saying, just repeal the damn thing now and worry about “replacing” later.

No, don’t replace it. Repeal all the other regulations, tax-thefts and intrusions that government has been forcing on the American people that have driven the costs of health care way up.

But no, everyone is obsessed with his other tweets that insulted Mika Brzezinski’s facelift(s). Did ObamaCare pay for her facelift(s)? Anyway, I’m glad he does that, because I need a good laugh from time to time. And Charles Krauthammer and other high-and-mighties who think Trump’s insults are undignified or “unpresidential” are the same ones who think that Trump “finally became President” when he unnecessarily and criminally bombed Syria (criminal? Aiding and abetting ISIS?)

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