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Boycott Universities – The Inmates Are Running the Asylum

If I had kids of college age or late high school, I would say if you really want to go to college, pay for it yourself. I would discourage them from going to college, because the colleges now are loony bins. It is like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest now, based on what I’ve read. I would encourage the kids to work PT during high school, and expand that to FT after high school. If you want to eventually get a college degree, take courses online while working FT and get the degree that way. But today’s college campuses are not worth it.

First, there’s this race obsession stuff. The lunatic “snowflakes” on the Left are obsessed with race and skin color to such an extent that they are the new racists now. At Evergreen College, for instance, this white biology professor objects to a proposal that white people leave the campus for one day — for whatever stupid reason the racist snowflakes have — and to show how open-minded they are, the morons there are calling for that professor to be fired to punish him for objecting to anti-white racism.

And at University of Chicago, students want totally new academic departments to be created that are all race-based. What is causing all this irrationality on college campuses? I know I referenced this recently, but the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. suggested that we ought to view others by the “content of their character” and not by the color of their skin. (Duh.)

But racists object to that.

So, the racism in Amerika has gone the other way, in which those of certain races who in the past were discriminated against (not just by businesses but by law), are now the ones who want to discriminate against others based on race, or who want special privileges based on race. And by the way, there is no such thing as “white privilege.” (But there is definitely wealth privilege, such as someone born into wealth and a family business and becoming powerful, like The Donald.)

So if I had kids of college age, I would not pay to put them through college. It’s a waste of time and money, and they would be white and get discriminated against, especially the males. On some college campuses like as part of dorm orientation there is this new Two Minute Hate imposed on the white males to remind them of all the guilt they have. Guilt for what? Being a white male. Imagine if there were a program making the black students sit through a lecture in which they are told of their guilt for being black? Obviously, that would not happen. That would be just as crazy. And this stuff now really is literally crazy.

And white or black, Asian or Hispanic, the shouting down of speakers, censorship and intolerance of intellectual diversity are coming mainly from the Left, from those precious “snowflakes,” and not from the conservatives or Tea Party people. The hate and intolerance is on the part of those who can’t stand to hear an opposing point of view on climate matters, economics or social matters. We don’t hear about conservative students shouting down liberals or progressives, and we don’t hear about conservatives physically attacking others (except when it’s a hoax and a false accusation!). And those leftist loony-tunes are getting away with their shouting down tantrums and suppression of others and their physical violence as well.

So now it appears that Middlebury College has decided to not punish the students who shouted down Charles Murray, or even punish, or criminally charge, the student(s) who physically assaulted the lady professor who was accompanying Murray. According to Legal Insurrection, Middlebury stated that because of the criminal assaulter(s) being masked it was impossible to identify anyone responsible for putting the professor in the hospital. So, the message is that whether you just want to shout down a speaker because you are so weak-willed and emotionally immature and intolerant to handle hearing a different point of view, or want to go beat the crap out of a speaker or anyone who might happen to be appearing with him or her, just wear a mask and cover your identity like a coward and a criminal bully. However, eventually more and more states and campuses will allow students, professors or others to carry firearms on campus for self-protection, and I hope that when punks criminally assault some innocent human being that the victim will be armed and fight back. Usually, all you have to do is brandish the firearm and the coward runs away.

But what is it with these young morons? They say that certain words or phrases are “triggering” them, and that their responding with physical aggression is justified? That’s nuts. A lot of idiot professors are encouraging all this crap now, too. And like many of the hippie professors, many university administrators also had their brains fried by all the drugs they did in their earlier years, and all that frying of the brains is being reinforced by all their prescription drugs like Xanax and Zoloft now. College is a mess.

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