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America Has Lost the Common Sense and Color-Blindness of Desegregation

The snowflakes are now reversing desegregation by re-segregating themselves, it seems. Now we have black students who want to have separate graduation ceremonies at Harvard. Supposedly other universities such as Stanford have been doing this as well. At Harvard the black graduates attending the black graduation ceremonies will also attend the official integrated graduation later this month. Well jeepers, I hope such ceremonies with those other graduates will not be too “triggering” for those precious black snowflake graduates.

Can you imagine if white students wanted to have whites-only graduations? Walter Williams wrote back in 2009 that such would be called “intolerable racism.” Ya think?

As I have stated previously, if the idiocy, intolerance and hypocrisy we see now on college campuses were going on 35 years ago when I was in college, I’d have dropped out in my first year. Especially being a white male, and all the “Two Minute Hate” sessions being imposed now on the young white males in college.

Have these black college students learned anything at all about the philosophy and teachings of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.? He believed that it was the “content of our character,” not the color of our skin that mattered. That does not seem to be the case now with the race-obsessed.

However, the re-segregation folks say it’s about heritage, not “skin color.” But, there are some white people, such as Ilana Mercer who grew up in South Africa, who are of African heritage. And there are black people whose heritage is from the Caribbean or Central or South America, and not Africa. Will they be attending the “black” graduation ceremonies, too, if this is just about “heritage”?

And is “heritage” so important to you that you have to have separate ceremonies, segregated dorms, and so forth? Do the self-segregators really just hate white people? I’m not suggesting or accusing, only asking. It’s an honest question. There’s a lot of brainwashing going on in the public schools i.e. government schools these days.

In my view, these people (and by “these people,” I’m referring to goofballs who believe that race and skin color are important, whether they are black or white race activists, or white supremacists, or whatever) are very much brainwashed throughout their aforementioned public school i.e. government school youths to obsess about superficial qualities of people such as skin color. The government schools victims being indoctrinated with climate fanaticism, worship of centralized government-controlled “cradle-to-grave care,” and so on, is bad enough.

And there was another example this week of race-related goofballism, if you don’t mind my using that word. The novelist Dennis Lehane was pressured to apologize for his using the “n-word” in his commencement speech at Emerson College. According to CBS Boston,

Lehane used the word during his speech while he talked about growing up during Boston’s busing crisis and the racial tensions of the time.

He says he was in a car with his parents when they came upon a riot and saw people burning effigies of Judge Arthur Garrity and Ted Kennedy.

“And they were screaming ‘[N-Word] out,’” Lehane said.

Lehane’s language has drawn criticism from some on social media.

The story then goes on to quote the twitter posts of some obvious snowflakes whose twits express how they can’t bear to hear offensive language even in the context of the speaker merely describing a past situation.

Now, Lehane didn’t use the “n-word” in an inflammatory or derogatory way or directed at another individual, he merely used it to quote what someone else said, someone he heard while he was young during Boston’s attempt at school desegregation. In Boston’s 1974 school desegregation was the insane busing of white kids from South Boston to schools in Roxbury’s mainly black neighborhood, and vice versa (I think).

The Boston schools desegregation crisis was bad because of being controlled by government central planners. How stupid is it to forcibly bus one kid all the way across town to attend a school when he can just walk to a much closer school? It’s nuts.

In a way, we see in Boston busing some of the origins of the modern idiocy of race-obsession. (“Affirmative Action,” the hiring to jobs or accepting to college of less qualified black or other minority applicants by discriminating against more qualified white or Asian applicants, is another loony-tunes, counter-productive, racist scheme that is also contributing to our current Orwellian irrationality, in my view.)

Do the precious little microaggressed and triggered ever complain about all the comedians and rap artists who use the “n-word” constantly? Especially when many of them use the word in a very derogatory and degrading way, especially toward women and girls! Nope, no complaints.

Seriously, regarding this hypocritical intolerance of the “n-word,” are they going to ban Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? Will the race-obsessed intolerant censors of nasty words have Nazi-like book-burnings of books and other materials that are “offensive”? And how childish now that people such as newscasters have to say “n-word.” They might get sued by the speech fascists. Frankly, I’m afraid that if I actually spell out the whole word here simply as a means of describing the above situation, I might get indicted or something. That’s how intolerant and irrational these anti-speech morons are now.

And, as George Will writes, there is this “cultural appropriation” phenomenon. The complainers are complaining that white people or other non-black people are using hair-styles or clothing that comes from the black people’s culture. Huh? What, do you own the concept of braided hair? Are the narcissists so brainwashed now that they can’t see that “their” culture being emulated by white people could possibly be flattering to “their” culture?

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