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After Manchester Bombing, the Fanatical U.S. and British Bureaucrats Will Escalate Their Aggressions Overseas and at Home

There was yet another terrorist suicide bombing, this time at a concert in Manchester, England. I had never even heard of Ariana Grande before this. She had nothing to do with the attack, obviously. But already the fear-mongers of the British regime are increasing the threat level to maximum, even though your chances of experiencing a terrorist attack are far less than being hit by lightning or dying from falling out of bed. And all the paranoids on talk radio sound like they’re chickens running around with their heads cut off.

So for a dose of reality, Justin Raimondo writes that the war on terrorism isn’t working, because since 9/11 and the always escalating wars of George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and the increasing police state here at home, there have also been an increasing number of Islamic-based terrorist attacks.

In Manchester, England the typical response of the suicide bombing that killed 22 is another example of government officials being either totally clueless or just drunk on power. In many cases, I believe, they are drunk on power. In my view, those government officials would have to know that their wars in the Middle East, their bombings and murders of innocents, are what have been provoking terrorist retaliation against the West. It’s a grandiose exhibition of the intentional poking of hornets’ nests. However, because many government bureaucrats are ignorant buffoons, it is possible that they don’t know about the history of U.S. government’s wars, intrusions, invasive military bases in the Middle East since well before 9/11/2001.

And the police state, with the CIA spying on innocents, deliberately funding and providing weapons to extremists, the FBI infiltrating mosques to motivate previously uninvolved young Muslim males who then go on to attempt terrorist acts for the FBI morons to thwart, and England’s equivalent of NSA the GCHQ spying and provoking. I think these people love the powers they give themselves and are absolutely drunk on it. And the new escalation of police state surveillance and harassment of innocent concert-goers, sporting event attendees and travelers at home now, the enforcement minions of the national security state also love their hightened powers, I believe.

So rather than criminally harassing, spying on and treating as suspects millions and millions of innocent civilians in the U.S., England and elsewhere, and continuing the wars and bombing and murdering innocents overseas, the real solution is to stop bombing them and stop murdering their people and destroying their countries, that the U.S. government and other Western governments have been doing in the Middle East for decades (.pdf).

Frankly, we’re not dealing with rational people over there. We’re dealing with mainly people of primitive and barbaric cultures. So it has not been a good idea to poke those hornets’ nests. And I’m not sure if much of this is about oil and other natural resources as it might be more to do with the power-lust and egos, and greed, of very corrupt and immoral politicians and their cronies. Provoking primitive-minded foreigners to become even more radicalized in their repressive religious beliefs and practices by militarily starting wars against them and invading their territories to provoke retaliation, justifies higher tax-funded military budgets and contracts for weapons makers who return the favor to those corrupt politicians in power.

I do have an issue with one thing that Raimondo wrote, however, that the roots of the current crisis are with the George W. Bush presidency. Actually, largely responsible for all this is Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, who started the first U.S. government war of aggression against Iraq in 1991, based largely on propaganda, in which the U.S. military bombed and destroyed civilian water and sewage treatment centers, intentionally, and with sanctions caused the Iraqis to have to use untreated water and thus the skyrocketing rates of disease and the subsequent deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq throughout the 1990s. I’ll never understand how the conservatives and “Christians” defend all that, and at the same time claim to promote morality. The supporters of the U.S. government’s wars in the Middle East since the 1990s have been the most guilty of moral relativism, in my view.

But even before the elder President Bush started the first war on Iraq in 1991, the U.S. government has for decades and decades been invading and trespassing the Middle East with the placement of U.S. military bases there supposedly on what some consider to be sacred land, which the actual inhabitants of those territories don’t like. Christians and conservatives who believe in the Golden Rule should understand that if we here in the U.S. wouldn’t like it if Saudis, Iraqis or Kuwaitis (or Russians or Chinese or Iranians, etc.) placed their military bases or apparatus in Virginia, Florida, or Utah, then there’s a good chance that those foreigners wouldn’t like our government’s doing that on (or around) their lands as well. Even more with that Golden Rule principle, if we wouldn’t like it if those foreign governments started wars here on U.S. territory and bombed our cities and murdered our people, and broke into our homes stealing guns and money, and raped our daughters, wives, or sisters, then perhaps it was never a good idea for our government and military to do all those things to them!

Sadly, a lot of people are ignorant and don’t know their history, combined with being bamboozled by a lot of government propaganda, which is repeated word for word by the lazy stenographers of the mainstream media, and a lot of people are indoctrinated with the pathological narcissism and arrogance of “Exceptionalism,” which has negative effects as well.

So the war on terrorism continues, waged by the bureaucrats and militarists like frothing dogs chasing their tails, and the gullible sheeple are right behind them, unfortunately.

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