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Anti-Social Rudeness and Violent Thuggery from the College Snowflakes

(This post later edited to remove a YouTube video that was taken down. Sorry.)

George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley has a very good analysis and commentary on the recent shout-down and censorship of Charles Murray by ignorant, intolerant, totalitarian-minded, violent students and outsider provocateur-agitators at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Now, I don’t like Charles Murray because, while supposedly having been labeled a “libertarian,” he is a statist. And I don’t mean a reasonable “minimal statist” or “minarchist” (such as Jacob Hornberger or Ron Paul), but an authoritarian statist. For example, he advocates the thoroughly incoherent and indefensible “Universal Basic Income” (Provided by whom? How would it be enforced?), and he advises young people to join the military. Sorry, that there ain’t no “libertarian“!

But because he has written some controversial books, including The Bell Curve which touches on the no-no topics of race and intelligence, the college campus Thought Police have to become hysterical, and violent, like they are trained and hypnotized Pavlov’s dogs or something.

In the latest violent disruption, Middlebury College professor Allison Stanger, a political science professor with degrees in Actuarial Science, Math, Political Science, and Soviet Union Regional Studies, was accompanying Charles Murray on his speaking engagement there, when they were shouted at and chairs were pounded and banged, and she was literally assaulted by a thug and had to be taken to the hospital. Murray couldn’t give his speech, and the “students” also disrupted his discussion with Prof. Stanger in a different area. The intolerant little idiots just would not let him talk.

And I think that it’s not only students who have been participating in these shoutings-down, disruptions of speakers, and violent thuggery, but also non-student (possibly paid) agitators who like inflicting their criminal aggressions on innocent people. Prof. Stanger observed that the ones who were there because they genuinely wanted to hear Murray’s talk would make eye contact with her, whereas the shouters and pushers and violent hooligans avoided eye contact. I think that tells us something.

I am SO glad that college wasn’t like this when I was there 35 years ago. If so, I would have dropped out by the second month (or week) of the first semester. This kind of disgusting intolerance of other people’s points of view is extremely disturbing as well. These little twerps are tomorrow’s “leaders,” some people say. However, many of them will be tomorrow’s parasites, as many of them will not be employed and will not be providing for themselves. Are you one of them? (If you are a regular reader here, then chances are you are probably not one of them, quite frankly.)

And to remind us of how intolerant and ignorant many professors themselves are these days, George Mason University professor Phil Magness provides a list of Middlebury faculty who signed an anti-Charles Murray letter, which includes zero professors in the math and sciences departments. Magness also provides similar lists of anti-freedom of speech faculty letters or petitions from other colleges, with similar characteristics: zero or almost no professors from math or sciences.

Perhaps people who tend to think with more reason and logic than others support freedom of speech and are more tolerant of opposing ideas? (And less hysterical?) I’m not suggesting that, just askin’. (And also, many of today’s college professors, like the politicians of today, have brains that are totally fried from all the drugs they did during the 1960s and ’70s. Not good.)

At the Middlebury shout-down and violent attack by the brainwashed zombies who want safe spaces but don’t want others to have them, so far there have been no arrests or disciplinary action of those engaging in violent assaults and disruptions of Charles Murray’s appearance. So, frankly, you moron university faculty and administrators out there are teaching the kids that it’s okay not only to shout people down and censor them, but that it’s okay to commit acts of physical violence against innocent people! How disgusting is that?

In other words, we can’t tolerate certain controversial people or their ideas from being expressed, but we can tolerate very rude and anti-social behaviors and violence against innocent people! No wonder these people accept the Orwellian nonsense coming from the Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps of the world! Doh!

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