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The Trump Administration’s Escalation of the Fascist Drug War

Well, I’m sure that the very antiwar, pro-market, pro-civil liberties “Libertarians for Trump” are really pleased with the policies of the current Trump administration. Just kidding. They probably are not pleased, although I’m sure they are pleased with the conflicts going on between Trump and the FBI or between Trump and the CIA, but especially between Trump and the biased mainstream media.

But it appears that Washington is now going to become even more fascist than it was under the Obama administration. The new attorney general Jeff Sessions is as fascist as they come. Just like the Massachusetts state attorney general, Maura Healey, with her prohibitionist mentality, in e-cigarettes, Internet gambling, and with the drug-war. Another drooler, in my view. And she’s a Democrat, believe it or not. The U.S. AG Jeff Sessions is a Rethuglican Republican, as we all know.

Sessions is very anti-immigration and a drooling pursuer of the drug war. Now he is saying that he will viciously enforce federal drug war laws including marijuana-related laws, including in states in which the voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana.

Jacob Sullum at Reason sums that up quite well. Sullum writes that Sessions has in the past supported the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, but it is apparently only lip service, as Sessions does not really agree with that Amendment, that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution clearly does not authorize the federal government to get involved in drugs, alcohol, and many other matters in which the federal bureaucrats want to illicitly intrude themselves.

And further evidence of what hypocrites these Trump administration people are, such as Sessions, includes their now saying that they are reversing Obama’s federal edicts on transgender bathroom policies and leaving all that up to the states. So, the feds are now selectively supporting the “states’ rights” or opposing them, based on temporary whims and their ideological agenda.

And speaking of the feds vs. the states on the drug war, in Massachusetts, whose voters approved of legalizing recreational marijuana last November, Gov. Charlie Baker stated in a recent interview with WBZ, “The voters voted. We should pursue implementing the will of the voters … But (the Senate president, the House Speaker and I) all agreed basically we should just go ahead until we’re told not to.”

Until we’re told not to“? What a spineless, mealy-mouthed sheeple. In other words, Baker, who, besides the state attorney general Maura Healey, also opposed marijuana legalization, is living up to his moniker, Charlie Half-Baker. But I digress.

Another aspect of actual fascism, and of AG Jeff Sessions’s fascist drug war over which he wants to unconstitutionally override the states’ control, is the crony-capitalism aspect. For instance, Sessions has announced that the feds will not phase out contracts with private prisons. Sessions likes the idea of private prisons profiting from the justice system that involves prosecution quotas and other forms of abuse, such as that which Sessions as an Alabama prosecutor has been accused of.

As Glenn Greenwald noted, “privatizing justice is warped.” What he probably means is, crony politicians benefiting from such a system that makes use of tax-thefts, is warped. (A non-government-involved, private justice system is an entirely different issue worthy of discussion, however.)

Greenwald also linked to this information which indicates that two of Jeff Sessions’s aides had been hired by the prison lobby. You see, the crony-capitalism aspect of the fascist drug war is that the private owners of the private prisons will profit from the drug war and other illegitimate powers imposed by the government legal system. And by profit, I mean they will profit at taxpayer expense, from wealth and earnings which are stolen from workers and producers by the thieves of government and its enforcement wing, i.e. which can more accurately be called crony-socialism.

And as Jacob Hornberger pointed out, “One part of the corruption that exists in plain sight, however, involves the program known as “asset forfeiture,” by which federal and state cops are stealing money and property from people in the name of the drug war, appropriating it to their own use, and never charging the victims with a crime.” (Jeff Sessions, by the way is a really big fan of asset forfeiture. Hence, “Rethuglican.”)

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