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Nationalism and Centralization vs. Freedom and Free Markets

I really don’t get the cognitive dissonance of all the anti-immigration conservatives and nationalists out there, such as Donald Trump, Pat Buchanan and the dittoheads and Jeff Kuhnerbots in talk radioland. They say they hate globalism and internationalism, which are grandiose versions of collectivism and centralization of power and government, but they nevertheless zealously favor the centralization and collectivism of nationalism. They are obsessed with the government-drawn borders of the United State of America, and further empowering the evil central-planning bureaucrats in Washington.

To be consistent, they should favor further decentralization, away from the nationalization of everyday life and the economy (which is just as bad as the globalization of everything) and this idea of “national sovereignty,” and toward independence of the states and, even better, toward individual towns and cities and villages and down to the sovereignty of each individual household and the sovereignty and self-ownership of each individual.

So the conservatives and nationalists love socialist central-planning when it comes to immigration, labor and employment for some reason. They demand the harassment, arrest and detention, and deportation of anyone who comes to this territory without the permission of bureaucrats. They would have businessmen arrested for employing such workers. So these nationalists oppose the idea of economic freedom and free markets.

You see, when an individual travels to a new territory (without trespassing on private property, of course) and provides labor for an employer, a client or customer, and no third parties are permitted to intrude into that peaceful, voluntary contract, that’s the free market. The businessman determines which such workers are the best qualified applicants for the job and who would best serve his customers, the consumers. Sadly, nationalists and supporters of central planning restrictions seem to have contempt for the free market, for employers, and for consumers especially. But they revere government bureaucrats and central planners!

And as I have written before, free-market capitalists don’t put up government walls to obstruct free-market capitalism. That’s what socialists do.

The standard of living of society as a whole is raised considerably the more economic freedom and free markets there are. My reading of history indicates that economic freedom and free markets tend to coincide with decentralization of society while more centralized governmental controls, such as the socialist immigration controls which also include controls on labor and business and controls on private property that the nationalists favor, coincide with less prosperity and less freedom. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe has noted, centralization leads to poverty.

You can’t “make America great again” without restoring the freedom that the people had which made America great in the first place. That means decentralizing, away from Washington (far, far away, in fact). As Lew Rockwell wrote recently, break up the USA. Let the people decide how to run their own businesses, and their own lives. Centralization is a very bad thing, as Hoppe observed in this great video. Not only decentralizing political units, but all matters of everyday life, economic and otherwise. And that applies to labor and employment matters but also immigration of foreigners that will be controlled by property owners and businesses and not by government bureaucrats. And the necessary decentralization applies to education, health care and all other aspects of everyday life.

Restoring freedom and free markets will coincide with the great decentralization, and it’s what the people have a right to have, after all, as the Declaration of Independence refers to, the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of all.

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