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Donald Trump’s Third World Banana Republic

Many ICE agents feel “unshackled” now that Trump has empowered them to attack, assault, arrest and deport undocumented immigrants, people who come to the U.S. to make a living and most of whom have committed no actual criminal acts against anyone else’s person or property. And for those who say that the “illegals” come here to get on welfare, as Jacob Hornberger has pointed out before, why are there no ICE raids at the welfare offices?

From the New York Times:

A whirlwind of activity has overtaken ICE headquarters in Washington in recent weeks, with employees attending back-to-back meetings about how to quickly carry out President Trump’s plans. “Some people are like: ‘This is great. Let’s give them all the tools they need,’” said a senior staff member at headquarters, who joined the department under the administration of George W. Bush.

A supervisor in Northern California described a typical operation, with teams of at least five members rising before dawn, meeting as early as 4 a.m. to make arrests before their targets depart for work. To avoid distressing families and children, the agents prefer to apprehend people outside their homes, approaching them as soon as they step onto a public sidewalk and, once identified, placing them in handcuffs.

After the arrests outside the church in Alexandria, Va., Gov. Terry McAuliffe, (said) the action “raises a concern that, unlike previous actions, ICE agents are detaining Virginia residents without cause or specific allegations of criminal activity.”

Bystanders are now being taken in if they are suspected to be undocumented, even if they have committed no crime, known within the agency as “collateral” arrests.

Meanwhile, Robert Wenzel says that people he has spoken to in San Francisco are acting preemptively, just in case they, too, find themselves kidnapped and caged by ICE agents. Those people are making sure that they never leave the house without ID, even just to walk the dog. It looks as though, given the threat by the Trump Regime to arrest innocent people without any reason to suspect them of anything, I will have to be just as concerned for my own safety (and I was born in the U.S.).

And, according to Wenzel, some people are even “preparing power of attorney papers for control of their bank accounts and other assets and handing them over to lawyers, just in case they get deported.”

Tom Knapp suggests that resistance against the State’s violence against innocent people should include “negative social preferencing. ICE agents and other evil-doers shouldn’t be invited to social events by their former friends (who should have stopped calling them as of now anyway). They shouldn’t be able to get tables in decent restaurants, and if they walk up to fast food counters or sit down on bar stools in uniform, the employees should just silently point to the places’ ‘we reserve the right to refuse service …’ signs.”

Well, I happen to think there are too many anti-immigration, anti-foreigner supporters of these draconian, police-state policies that we probably won’t be seeing those things very much. And also, a lot of businesses need as many customers as they can get, regardless of their views. I mean, I hope to see that kind of ostracization, of course.

I just don’t understand all those conservatives and “nationalists” out there, who get very emotional when CPS agents go in and arrest and kidnap innocent people, parents and/or their children, and other similar scenarios, but these conservatives and “nationalists” become total State-lovers when it comes to this immigration stuff. Hmmm.

Similar to Tom Knapp, although on a different issue, Jim Davies makes a point about change coming about from the bottom up, not from the top down, i.e. not by putting decent people in charge who want to dismantle the State’s intrusive police-state apparatus. For instance, says Jim Davies, electing a Harry Browne (or a Ron Paul) as President could very well make the government parasites (like ICE or TSA agents, for example) angry, and the new president could get what JFK got, if you know what I mean.

So Jim Davies says that decent people who happen to have found themselves in government employment need to get out of it! Seems to me like an uphill battle to persuade those government workers that they are working for a criminal racket, and most of the time, innocent people are having their lives tortured and ruined by it.

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