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The Good News: We Finally Got Rid of Obama! The Bad News: We Got Trump! (Doh!)

So today is inauguration day for Donald Trump. Yesterday I heard Mike Gallagher on the radio saying that some Democrat Congresspeople refusing to attend the inauguration are “dreadful” and that it’s “un-American” and that they are “disrespecting the American people.” No, they aren’t being disrespectful and it’s not “un-American.” It’s just another ceremonial extravaganza to empower another dictator to rule over us. Lots and lots of cheering and swooning sheeple will attend the inauguration, so whatever.

But with all these anti-Trump protesters, mainly the ones on the left, it’s all about “racism,” “sexism,” and LGBT, etc. etc. They aren’t like the anti-Bush protesters of 2004 or 2005 who were protesting because they were anti-war and supported civil liberties. No, what matters to the current group of protesters is not civil liberties or immoral wars, but race, LGBT, etc. In other words, people are now obsessed with group identity politics to a pathological extent.

But what’s “un-American” and “disrespectful” are the NSA and other surveillance state goons and their corporatist cronies spying on their fellow Americans. During the debates, Donald Trump belittled Rand Paul for bringing up the Fourth Amendment that those government goons have been violating. Given all the militarists that Trump is appointing, they will increase the surveillance state even more, against their own fellow Americans. Hooray for The Donald! (And good for “Libertarians for Trump,” they really know how to promote liberty.)

I hope that Donald Trump has studied the Constitution since those debates. He clearly showed a lack of understanding of the Fourth Amendment that protects the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Unlike with Obama, Bush, and other previous Presidents, I want to see Trump follow what he is being sworn in today to obey. And that includes the Fourth Amendment, which reads: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

And also disrespectful and un-American is a President such as Obama sending troops to Poland to intentionally provoke the Russians right at the end of his term in order to cause trouble right at the beginning of Trump’s term. I hope Trump immediately withdraws those troops as well as the many others needlessly and irresponsibly stationed overseas.

Besides his apparent love thus far for the surveillance state and lack of respect for or understanding of due process, Trump also doesn’t like due process, free markets, private property rights, and so on when it comes to trade. Not only does he believe it’s okay to coerce Ford Motors, Carrier air conditioners and others to not take their plants out of the country, but now he wants to coerce foreign companies like BMW to take their plants to the U.S. Now that’s a real fascist. (I’m glad that “Libertarians for Trump” have found the right guy to help them to promote free markets!)

Besides Mike Gallagher’s saying that Democrats not wanting to attend the inauguration — a grandiose ceremony to empower the next dictator-in-chief — is “disrespectful” and un-American, some of the other talk radio personalities have also been saying the most bizarre things. Jeff Kuhner was sounding like a hypnotized mystic with his religious-worship-sounding nationalistic/collectivistic rhetoric. He’s from the Twilight Zone, for sure.

And I heard Hugh Hewitt a few days ago saying that the $trillion infrastructure “shovel-ready” projects for which Donald Trump wants to use tax dollars to squander (just like Obama), will be a good thing, because it’s Trump being the central planner here. Hewitt is saying that the difference is who the central planner is that’s in charge! Yes, he really believes that.

And I’m sure that most of these so-called conservative radio talk personalities have been dissing Obama’s commutation of Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea Manning. I did hear Michael Medved ignorantly criticizing Manning’s actions and calling him a “traitor,” and incorrectly stating that Manning compromised our security or that of U.S. soldiers overseas, none of which was true.

Manning was railroaded in a sham kangaroo trial and convicted of violating the “Espionage Act,” even though he wasn’t “spying,” didn’t give information to “the enemy” (unless you consider the American people “the enemy”), and wasn’t acting on behalf of any foreign government, only his fellow Americans.

Unfortunately, many people are authoritarians who believe in obedience to the government and that if government and military people act criminally and murderously against innocents and show utter corruption we are obligated to sweep such facts under the rug.

Some actual convicted spies acted on behalf of foreign regimes (including the Russians), but they were not tortured as was Bradley Manning during his 3-year, pre-trial solitary confinement.

And I believe that Donald Trump is extremely authoritarian and will crack down on whistleblowers and investigative journalists just as Obama has done. Trump will not be for transparency, and he has no apparent moral scruples, so I expect more crackdowns, and even less freedom.

And as far as Trump’s cabinet nominees go, they all really suck. Big time. Energy Secretary nominee Rick Perry now saying that the Dept. of Energy has important functions and shouldn’t be abolished? This department that didn’t exist until 1977?

My, how America lagged behind in energy innovations and progress throughout its first 200 years without a Department of Energy! Thanks, Mr. Perry.

And “Billionaire Betsy DeVos” the nominee for Sec. of Education can’t say that of course there should be guns in schools carried by trained citizens such as teachers, administrators or security guards to protect the kids and workers from crazed lunatics like Adam Lanza. No, she refers to grizzly bears. The deranged senator questioning her was Chris Murphy who wants to keep schools “gun-free zones,” so that other Adam Lanzas can go into the schools freely without fear of being shot back.

And why can’t “Billionaire Betsy Devos” say honestly that the federal Dept. of Education should be abolished? (Because like most conservatives, she favors government-controlled education, that’s why. The only difference between them and the progressives is which social agenda to shove down the kids throats.)

You mean, abolish the U.S. Department of Education that has only existed since 1980?

My, how the U.S. lagged behind in its educational ranking until 1980! (Wait a minute! It’s just the opposite: the U.S. was generally #1 in educational ranking compared to the other developed countries for decades and decades, but since the Dept. of Education came into existence, the U.S. rankings have steadily crashed in all categories, reading, math, science. Hooray for the federalization of education!)

And “Dr.” Tom Price, the HHS nominee, can’t say that not only should ObamaCare be repealed, but all the other socialist distortions of medical care, such as Medicare and Medicaid should be given the heave-ho. Like most conservatives and Republicans, Dr. Price believes in the socialism of Medicare, etc. and won’t advocate for its repeal and call for replacing these intrusions and distortions with freedom. And of course, I have no such hope for Donald Trump either. Trump believes in the system of tax-thefts, redistribution of wealth, central planning, and government controls, which will not “make America great again,” folks.

And supposedly Trump’s top-of-the-list possible Supreme Court bureaucrat is Judge William Pryor, a terrible, horrible choice. Let’s hope for someone less fascist.

Sorry to be such a gloomy gus. But unlike all the fools on talk radio, I am rational, and a realist.

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