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The First Week of the Trump Administration

Besides the moonbat women’s march in Washington after the Trump inauguration, there have been other events this week.

How would I rate Trump during this first week? It’s mixed now, but mostly not good, which is no big surprise given that the writing has been on the wall for a long time now.

The executive order to relax enforcement of the Affordable Careless Act (a.k.a. ObomberCare) is good. A little more freedom. Trump’s announcing a federal hiring freeze and that he wants 75% of business regulations gone (How about 100%?), more good things.

Executive Orders on immigration and building a government wall, not so good. Real free-market capitalists don’t build government walls obstructing free-market capitalism.

Getting out of TPP, good. “Renegotiate” NAFTA? No, get out of NAFTA completely, and let businesses, employers, consumers, traders, and workers have their freedom. Just don’t steal or defraud. Otherwise, leave them alone!

Executive Orders pushing Keystone and Dakota Pipelines, also not good. There are still lawsuits in the courts pursued by the private property owners whose private property the federal government wants to steal — using eminent domain, that Trump thinks is a “wonderful thing” — for the corporate cronies to benefit from the pipelines. Washington’s Blog notes that Keystone Pipeline will actually cause gas prices to go UP! We need to get the government out of the energy business, and decentralize energy.

Trump and a lot of other people in “capitalist” Amerika are all about central planning, not free markets and private property, alas.

And no, torturing innocent people not only doesn’t work, it’s immoral and criminal. Unless you think that torture “works” when it mainly elicits false confessions and false implications of innocent people, then it “works.”

Now, regarding Trump’s more asinine behaviors since he became President, he shouldn’t have made such a fuss over the reporting of his inauguration crowd size. It is obvious that the biased media set him up by manipulating the photos of the crowds compared to Obama’s inauguration, and Trump took the bait, once again. That “100-day honeymoon” with the media never even began.

So that’s yet another one of the news media’s “fake news” items and expect more of it.

But not only are many members of the media biased and spokespeople for the government and for the Democrat Party, some of them are incredibly stupid and ignorant. For example, I heard two different reporters, one of them on Fox News radio, referring to the Emoluments Clause (in Article I of the U.S. Constitution) as being a part of the “First Amendment.” Shouldn’t news reporters be familiar at least with the Bill of Rights? Where in the First Amendment would it say that the President can’t receive gifts from foreign governments, and what would that have to do with freedom of speech or religion? Or am I being too harsh?

And to show just how impolitic and unprofessional the media thumb-suckers can be, in a fit of pique ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer if he was going to always tell the media the truth. What a moron. Of course government spokesmen don’t always tell the truth. But then, it appears that the news media are just as bad, as we have seen with their fake news and propaganda. Although many times the news media mainly report to the people whatever the bureaucrats tell them, without question or challenging, without any investigation or independent research, either out of sheer laziness or loyalty to the regime, or both.

Now, I stopped watching TV a long time ago, so I’m mainly a radio listener and Internet user. So I hear things very clearly. Is it possible we could have a White House spokesman who isn’t so shrill sounding? Spicer sounds a lot like Ben Shapiro. I’m not making fun of either of them, it’s just that Spicer could sound a bit more authoritative if he didn’t sound like a cartoon character. Wikipedia says that Spicer has a B.A. in “Government.” Ew, how gross. So, he’ll be good at dispensing government propaganda, like his predecessor Gosh Dernest.

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