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Should We Believe the Government Anymore? The News Media?

Maybe now people can understand why I’ve been making references to “government propagandists and their lapdog news media stenographers,” and so on.

The Obama administration and its Washington pundit apparatchiks and media sycophants are all on this “Russia hacked the DNC and tampered with the U.S. Presidential election” mantra like they are part of a fanatical cult.

Obama and his fellow Democrats obviously are so embarrassed from the DNC email leaks that they are going with this “Bad, Russia, bad” stuff to take attention away from the DNC leak details.

I happen to believe that Obama and his fellow morons are doing these things even though they know the truth that Russia did not hack the DNC and that the leaks were caused by either a Democrat insider (as Julian Assange himself hinted at, and Oliver Stone has suggested as well), such as a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter, and/or a NSA or CIA bureaucrat who just didn’t want to see Hillary Clinton elected President.

And following the “Russia hacking the DNC” story, the latest from the Washington Post has been its hysterical claim that Vermont’s electric grid was hacked by the Russians. “Russian malware” was found on one laptop associated with the utility but it was not connected to the grid. The lunatics at the Post didn’t even bother to check that with Vermont officials.

Do the news media really believe what they are reporting on this “Russian hacking the DNC,” or are they just following instructions to report it as fact while knowing it is really fake news? I haven’t heard anyone in the MSM ask for actual evidence for the “17 intelligence agencies” accusations that Russians hacked the DNC. (What? Lazy MSM news reporters actually investigating and doing research? Heh.)

And now we can see why the Washington Post published a piece smearing legitimate news and information websites as “fake news” distributors: The Post knows just how their participation in propaganda and spin control on behalf of Obama and Democrats has been exposed by the DNC email leaks, and are trying to cover it up by taking attention away from it.

As part of the charade, Obama has now expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families, including a chef, and who knows what other “retaliatory” measures the community organizer President will be imposing.

But “KGB thug” Putin isn’t playing along, as he has stated that “We will not expel anyone. We will not prevent their families and children from using their traditional leisure sites during the New Year’s holidays. Moreover, I invite all children of U.S. diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas children’s parties in the Kremlin.” Putin obviously isn’t taking the bait.

As I had noted previously, the WikiLeaks releases of DNC emails showed that Democrat operatives such as Debbie Wasserman Schultz had been cahooting to lock Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination. And during the campaign, leaked emails show, Hillary was given debate questions from Democrat flunky Donna Brazile in advance of debates. Some of the most damaging leaks showed that Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta illegally coordinated the Clinton campaign with a Clinton SuperPac.

In one leaked John Podesta email, Podesta urged the DNC to coordinate with media to promote Cruz, Carson and especially Trump as a “pied piper” candidate for the Republican nomination, thinking  such a strategy would mean an easy win for the Democrat in the general election, in the same way that in 2008 Rush Limbaugh urged Republicans to go into Democrat primaries to vote for Obama, thinking that Obama would easily lose in that November election.

Sometimes campaign strategy can get a little too crazy for control freaks, I suppose.

We also saw from leaked emails the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s telling her supporters one thing and telling the banksters something else in her highly-paid speeches.

WikiLeaks also showed the various news media hacks who have been cahooting and colluding with the Clinton campaign to slant not just the news but the whole campaign for Hillary. There were Hillary supporters “embedded” in the news media. Among other sad displays, former Politico reporter Glenn Thrush, now with the desperate New York Times, asked Podesta for approval of Thrush’s Politico stories.  Such media bias for Hillary even included Howard Stern, for crying out loud.

So if I were Obama and his little minions, I’d be embarrassed, too. A lot of it is really unbelievable. And I’m sure there are readers who still don’t believe what I’m writing, and won’t even click on the links to check that out. But if the emails released to WikiLeaks were really “fakes,” as has been alleged, then why didn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz, John Podesta, Donna Brazile or any of the other DNC clowns sue WikiLeaks for libel or slander?

In other revelations this past year, not only does NPR want to censor conservatives (a total shock, I know), but CNN fired Dr. Drew Pinsky for his expressing concern over Hillary’s “1950s” medical care. Clinton campaign workers and media hacks also shamed an NBC reporter for covering Hillary’s coughing fit.

So this “Russia hacking DNC” story being played by the Obama administration and its media lapdogs is part of the actual fake news the propagandists in the media give us on a daily basis, such as the FBI’s “thwarting terror plots,” the media‘s psy-op that the Obama administration killed Osama bin Laden in 2011 even though bin Laden had probably already died years earlier, or the media’s propaganda on behalf of banning guns and on so-called “human-caused climate change.”

Now, I’m sure that many readers won’t click on links attached to claims that are not what they are used to hearing, such as my assertion that Osama bin Laden had already died in 2001 or 2002, of kidney disease, because many people have been conditioned to believe the “news” they see. They will probably perceive as absurd the suggestion that the whole 2011 bin Laden raid and killing was a fabrication.

Sadly, millions of people believe the propaganda being fed to them by the government and its media stenographers. They believe the climate change preaching despite the “science” depending mainly on computer models and not actual empirical evidence. They believe that banning guns saves lives even though disarming law-abiding citizens costs lives, such as in Orlando and other “gun-free zones.” And they really have believed the feds’ propaganda since 9/11 to promote mass approval of the “war on terror.”

And now many people really believe that Russians or Putin hacked the DNC and manipulated the U.S. Presidential election.

“Oh, but the government and the news media wouldn’t lie to us, would they? Of course they wouldn’t do that.”

No, they wouldn’t lie about Russian hacking of DNC emails. They wouldn’t lie when promoting ObamaCare. They wouldn’t lie about Osama bin Laden (see above) and Saddam Hussein, or lie to start a war against Iraq after 9/11, or lie to start a war against Iraq before 9/11. The government and its media repeaters certainly wouldn’t lie to get the U.S. into a war with Vietnam, and unnecessarily sacrifice 58,000 American lives as well as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. No, they wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, Obama and his ilk now are doubling down, and installing a new “Ministry of Truth,” in which the gubmint will decide which news is fit for consumption and which is not. Millennial up-and-coming news journalists will happily comply with the bureaucrats’ demands for censorship, as the millennial journalists’ seasoned bosses are already doing it. Or perhaps they want to avoid the feds’ persecution of honest journalism, I don’t know.

It’s all a part of the drooling government sycophants’ craving to silence others who expose the political class’s hypocrisy, their crackpot political views, and so on, both progressive and conservative.

And now we have irrational self-censorship, such as Steve Martin deleting his harmless tweet about Carrie Fisher, and academic censorship, such as the recent suspension of a law professor for wearing a costume for Halloween, all in the name of idiotic political correctness.

As Thomas DiLorenzo pointed out, the point of political correctness, such as on college campuses and the entertainment industry, is to silence dissent. Especially those who dissent from the socialism being pushed by many among these groups for over a century.

Note how the latest warmongers, the New Cold Warriors against Russia promoting the censorship of “fake” (i.e. real) news are now from the same side as the PC crowd.

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