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“I Am Invincible, Hear Me Roar” (May I Have Some Earplugs Please?)

There was this women’s protest march in Washington and other cities the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and I’m glad I was not there. This is one of those times in which I miss Dapper O’Neil, who in Boston politics was quite expressive in his criticisms of “women’s libbers.”

What these marching protesters were protesting was really Donald Trump’s rhetoric, supposedly “racist” and “sexist” rhetoric that they seem to believe is degrading and patronizing to women.

Yet, many of these “ladies” used the most foul and demeaning language in their rhetoric, and displayed placards with extremely vulgar language that decent people believe to be indecent, and disgusting, in fact. There did seem to be a lot more actual hate being spewed from these people than I have heard from Donald Trump, too.

Just look at these photos taken by James Bovard who was there in Washington at the march. In the comments, he wrote, “I wasn’t trying to pick out testy looking photos but — well, there was a lot of that there. When the crowd started chanting, they seemed especially ill-tempered.”

Some signs read: “This p**sy bites back,” “P**sy Power,” “I want a dyke for President” (Dick van Dyke’s too old to run for President now.). And, “C***s against capitalism,” “White lives matter too much” (held by a white woman, obviously with low self-esteem). There was a sign with hammers and sickles on it. (I guess that’s a “c*** against capitalism.”)

You see what government-run schools produce?

One “lady” held a huge replica of, ahem, a “phallic symbol,” with “Donald Trump is a d*ck” written on it (Again with the Dick van Dyke stuff?).

Some hats stated: “F*** off,” which goes with the obscenities blurted out by Madonna. I don’t pay attention to celebrity news, so I don’t really know who these celebrities are, and I’m glad, although I’ve heard of “Madonna,” who is supposedly a singer. But I’m a classical music listener. However, I do know who Roberta Peters is, or was, and I doubt that Madonna or Ashley Judd could possibly be in the same category as a Roberta Peters as far as “dignified performers” or celebrities go.

But this whole display of vulgarity, obscenity, and ignorance is really quite something. I heard Rush Limbaugh yesterday, having no problem bringing back his moniker for these people: “feminazis.” And he’s exactly right. One minute they display posters stating, “Freedom Not Fascism,” and then they show support for … Hillary Clinton, a real fascist. (But then, so is Trump!)

Cognitive dissonance much?

“F you,” “F this” and “F that.” A lot of narcissists there, as they really don’t show very much respect for other people. And what’s with bringing their little kids there, to be exposed to the foul-mouthed imbeciles and foul-language, sex-obsessed posters? These “ladies” clearly don’t have any sense of decency, nor do they have any common sense in raising their little kids, who should not be exposed to that crap.

Now, if you are one of those angry, immature narcissists who shouts out foul, vulgar language or carried sexually explicit placards and actually brought your little kids there with you, then I want to say that I’m glad I am not married to you. I am also glad you are not by daughter, my sister, or my mother (or my cousin, aunt, or next-door neighbor, quite frankly). No, that’s not “sexist,” just anti-moron.

One nearly-nude-above-the-waist female showed a sign stating, “De-Sexualize the Female Body.” Yeah, right.

Yet many of these people are the same ones who promote sexual promiscuity and abortion-on-demand. Not good.

Some of the signs at the protest expressed the narcissists’ support for Planned Parenthood as well. The abortion cult consists of millions of brainwashed victims who really believe that having an abortion, i.e. murdering their offspring, is a “rite of passage.” When they are finished with their shouting obscenities and expressions of sexual dysfunction, these “protesters” really ought to read the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson on the abortion cult and view his documentary from the 1980s.

I can’t wait until the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. While the abortion issue will be brought back to state control, and probably won’t be made illegal in all states, still maybe then some of these sexually repressed, impulsive “ladies” might consider growing up and taking some responsibility for their behavior (and encouraging their daughters to do so, too).

Sadly, many of these protesting “ladies” support Hillary Clinton who is a big promoter of governmental intrusions into education and into the lives of families. In Hillary’s Amerika is the very police state that goes against women’s rights. They ought to read Naomi Wolf on how governments use sexual humiliation to manipulate and violate the masses.

And do any of these protesting women even know about the Clinton Foundation’s taking money from the Saudi regime, and Hillary then using her power and influence to aid the Saudis in acquiring their contracts with Boeing? She’s thoroughly corrupt, and they love her.


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