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The Latest in Dumbing Down America

Once again, American school kids are getting dumber, as shown by their ranking compared to those in other countries. That’s according to a recent study by the Program for International Student Assessment, as reported by Zero Hedge. The American students rank 31st out of 35 developed nations in math literacy, 24th in reading literacy, and 25th in science.

You see, after generations of zombie TV watching (and now zombie iPhone hypnosis), combined with other factors that have been dumbing down generations of Americans such as processed foods, OTC and other legal drugs, marijuana and other drugs (and fluoride), and society’s socialization of just about everything so no one has to think or do things for themselves, we have dumb teachers and school administrators, curriculum planners and textbook producers, as well as equally dumb pop stars and Hollywood celebrities to influence the young. And low-IQ politicians making bad laws enforced by unthinking and obedient law enforcers.

And the young kids now get misdiagnosed as “hyperactive” when in the past those particular kids were called “normal,” as well as misdiagnosed as “autistic,” having “Asperger’s,” ADHD, and so on, and they are being given these poisonous prescription drugs that even adults shouldn’t be given. Many of the prescription drugs have many side effects including exacerbating their problems, such as antidepressants making some people more depressed.

Now, are you a young person who is not getting much from school, you don’t understand the course material (or the dumb teacher isn’t communicating it well), or you’re distracted by personal or family issues that make learning difficult? A lot of times kids who are misdiagnosed as “learning disabled” or otherwise getting poor grades are suffering from dysfunctional relationships within the family at home. But it’s too taboo to point that out. We can’t take a look at the emotional etiologies of kids’ dysfunctional learning problems at school. And also, there seem to be many teachers, administrators and school medical staff who are impatient and use the short-sighted fix of giving the kids drugs to suppress their behaviors and emotions.

Or are you a young person who spends a lot of time on the Internet, wastes a lot of time staring at your little electronic gadgets texting people, or playing video games? I was listening to Michael Medved who was discussing a study showing that the young people are using marijuana and drinking alcohol less. That sounds good. (But they are smoking marijuana more than regular cigarettes now, despite the possible cancer they could be giving themselves later on in life.) One caller suggested that maybe those drugs are being replaced by the hypnotizing, “medicating,” zombiefying effects of those electronic gadgets and texting and video games. It makes sense to me. Those things may actually be affecting the same part of the brain or neurons that mind-altering chemicals affect.

So maybe you should stop doing that stuff? Try turning those things off, going to the library and reading some books. One hopes you will read books by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and Frank Chodorov, and other great liberty-minded authors.

Anyway, on the college campuses, there has been a lot of this political correctness, anti-white reverse racism, a culture of false accusation and censorship, and I think that stinks. There wasn’t any of this crap when I was in college, over 30 years ago.

Among The College Fix’s “Most Popular” articles now are: Philosophy professor: Students too fearful to debate controversial topics, University’s ‘Whiteness Forum’ takes ‘critical look at whiteness’, and Student kicked out of class for disagreeing that Trump election was as bad as 9/11 .

The latest outrage has been this Orange, California psychology professor or instructor whose anti-Trump rant was recorded and posted online by a student, as reported in  aforementioned College Fix. Not only that, but the Blaze reports that the teacher asked for Trump supporters in the class to actually stand and identify themselves. What is this, Orwell’s 1984?

I looked at the teacher’s bio, and she’s not one of those really young 20- or 30-something professors, but in her mid-60s with her college degree dated from 1973. No spring chicken there. So I want to say that, given her age, “she should know better.” But then again, look at all the old fools in the media, Chris Matthews, Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer, etc., etc., and their fellow “news” people going with the “Russia hacked the DNC” without proof, and the Washington Post‘s “fake news” story that itself was … fake news, pretty much.

So the propagandists in the mainstream media are themselves either dumbed down or they are just plain dishonest and corrupt, or both.

I think that we do have generations of Americans who are dumbed down and don’t think critically, who don’t challenge mainstream assumptions, and who don’t “question authority” (remember that one?). For instance, many people just gullibly believed George W. Bush’s rationalizations for wars of aggression without question after 9/11, and they believed his father the elder President Bush in 1991 with his first war of aggression against Iraq. Those who were informed and aren’t afraid to question and challenge the judgment of their rulers brought up the high probability that there wouldn’t have been a 9/11 had the elder Bush not started that first war, bombed civilian water and sewage treatment centers, with that Bush and Bill Clinton imposing sanctions and no-fly zones throughout the 1990s, and causing hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. For many ignorant people, history began on 9/11/2001, sadly.

And that Bush 1991 war of aggression and other provocations and setting up intrusive military bases throughout the Middle East was the neocons’ way of replacing the collapsed Soviet Union with a new enemy, one they had to create, in the Middle East. And now we’re back to the New Cold War with Russia. How dumb, in my view.

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