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“Fake News” Hysterics from Authoritarian, Censorship-Promoting Statists

The Washington Post recently published a list of many websites which the Post considers to be disseminating propaganda under the guise of news. And the Post claims that such propaganda has been on behalf of the Russians, including sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign and attempting to help Donald Trump.

All this despite that many among the mainstream news media have been acting as propagandists and spokespeople for the government, especially the U.S. government and the national security state since 9/11, including the Post, the New York Times, and CNN.

Now the mainstream media’s own propaganda campaign against alternative news sites is part of this New Cold War against Russia. The Cold Warriors used to be associated with “right-wingers” such as William F. Buckley, Jr., but these days the New Cold War is coming from the left. (Another reason why I see neocons more on the left than on the right.)

But it’s just another example of how alternative means of information — outside the “mainstream” — are the targets of smears by those whose fragile little worldviews are challenged with facts, history, analysis and common sense.

Justin Raimondo gets to the main point of this “fake news” propaganda campaign by the Washington Post and others:

if you don’t fit within a very narrow range of allowable opinion, either falling off the left edge or the right edge, you’re either a paid Russian troll or else you’re being “manipulated” by forces you don’t understand and don’t want to understand.

These people are authoritarians, plain and simple: under the guise of fighting authoritarianism, they seek to ban dissenting views, jail the dissenters, and impose a narrow range of permissible debate on the public discourse. They are dangerous, and they need to be outed and publicly shamed.

Whether on college campuses with political correctness or “microaggression”/”triggering” censorship, with climate change censorship, or this latest bunch of stuff, I think that people who believe in the open marketplace of ideas and freedom of speech, freedom of the Press, freedom of expression, and freedom of thought and conscience, should resist calls for censorship, especially on the Internet. The Internet may be the only way for people to get the actual truth when the news media have been acting as official press releases for U.S. government bureaucrats.

Besides Justin Raimondo’s article on the latest “fake news” propaganda, here are some other articles with very good analysis.

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