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Time to Catch Up on Many Bookmarked Items

I have had a whole bunch of items bookmarked covering maybe the past few months now that I just haven’t gotten to yet. So I am trying to catch up on things.

On Reason, an article about Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee Bill Weld overtly telling people to vote against Donald Trump, i.e. implying that people should vote for Hillary. It’s bad enough that the LP has nominated a non-libertarian as its Presidential nominee, but not only is the Vice-Presidential nominee a non-libertarian but is urging voters to vote for candidates other than the LP ticket. How fitting that the Executive Director of the national Libertarian Party has the name Wes “Benedict.” Can the Party commissars use some sort of formal rules to disqualify Bill Weld and replace him? I know, it’s only a week before the election. Too bad the convention attendees decided against principle and nominated these two goofball degenerates. The LP’s Political Director is still Carla Howell. I would support her candidacy for President or Vice President, given her experience in Massachusetts with the tax-cutting ballot initiatives and her candidacy for governor in 2002.

More links, I’ve put them into sections by various categories:

Lew Rockwell’s speech on the truth about war. Laurence Vance asks, Is the U.S. military the Lord’s army? and discusses what exactly makes a qualified soldier for the military. Wendy McElroy writes about war as the antithesis to libertarianism. Karen Greenberg writes about what actually keeps Americans safe: liberty.

28 Pages shows John Kerry collaborating with Saudis to “fix” the 9/11 lawsuit bill. And Glenn Greenwald says that the U.S. and U.K. bureaucrats continue to actively participate in Saudi war crimes, targeting civilians. And Greenwald asks, Why did the Saudi regime and other gulf tyrannies donate millions to the Clinton Foundation? Jacob Hornberger addresses Hillary Clinton’s abuse of women. Yes, Hillary’s abuse of women. In Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and more. And Becky Akers says that Hillary is such a nasty Marxist.

Thomas DiLorenzo writes about the ecological poison of democratic socialism, and the alternative to Presidential politics.

Lawrence Reed has these comments about socialism. Donald Boudreaux provides the elemental case for free trade. Louis Rouanet provides the case for unilateral free trade. Laurence Vance asks, Will tariffs make America great again? and says that free trade is fair trade. Robert Wenzel writes about Donald Trump’s horrific view of “globalism” and trade, and comments on Kenneth Rogoff’s call for ending cash.

Scientific American with an article on Big Pharma’s manufactured, misdiagnosed ADHD epidemic. Bill Sardi has a special report on flu vaccine propaganda. Michael Accad, MD on the pharma-fed doctor.

Glenn Greenwald analyzes the hypocrisy of the Washington Post.

During my lunch break, I listened to part of a rebroadcast of Meet the Press on Bloomberg Radio in the kitchen. My, that Todd Chuck sure does interrupt people he’s interviewing, such as in today’s interview of Mike Pence. You know, when you ask someone a question, it is kind of polite to let him actually answer it, and not interrupt him after he utters just three words. Does Todd Chuck only interrupt Republicans? Anyway, back to my links.

Why do “conservatives” love Sheriff David Clarke so much? William Grigg shows why they perhaps should not. James Bovard says that the TSA treats Americans like Gitmo detainees. Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Due Process is vital to freedom.

A rape victim asserts that the transgender agenda creates “rape culture.”

This morning I saw an article on Breitbart on the “gay thought police” (or censorship, intimidation or “bullying”) being imposed by supposedly gay people against other gay people just for expressing their point of view on some issue. The writer refers to “bullying” mainly on the Internet, on YouTube or other websites comments sections. But as I see it, in the cases in which explicit, direct death threats occur, the moderators of YouTube or website comments sections can trace an IP address if someone wants to make a formal complaint or press criminal charges (unless someone is spoofing an IP address, then it’s more difficult). It’s a crime, as far as I know, to threaten someone’s life. But, mainly the intolerance toward others of differing points of view in the “LGBT community” is really just a part of many people in society with a growing general intolerance toward different points of view.

The College Fix with an article on professors telling students to drop the class if they dispute man-made climate change. Lenore Skenazy on a high school senior who is being forced to have a psychological evaluation for making an anti-gun control video for a class project.

Robert P. Murphy has this scorecard of Gary Johnson’s interview with Chris Wallace.

Walter Block, of all people, endorses government police “stop and frisk” of innocent people not suspected of anything. That is on the Target Liberty blog, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. , and Part 4 (I think). It’s a debate between Walter Block and Michael Edelstein. Listen, in my view, as long as it’s “public property,” and the policing is monopolized by the government without the consent of the people, then of course all the people have a right to presumption of innocence and a right to be left alone, unless and until the government police goon thugs have a specific reason to suspect someone of some specific crime against someone else. So, Dr. Block is way off here.

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