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Sadly, Early Cheating Has Started

Am I being too cynical? It’s actually called “Early Voting,” and it’s a fraud, a sham in my view, and a way to make it even easier for cheaters and voter fraudsters to do their cheating and frauding. A few days ago on one of the radio talk shows, a caller stated that she early voted. She had to place the paper into an envelope and seal it shut and put her name and address on the cover.

So, all those envelopes are going to remain in some box and in some area for the next two weeks? I hope that town and city officials have surveillance cameras on all those areas, and security guards as well. Or do the officials open the envelopes as they come in and then the officials record the votes somewhere immediately?

The whole thing smells, if you ask me. And there are already reports that voting machines have been hacked or pre-fixed to switch Trump and Clinton votes, like in Texas now. And Pennsylvania may have problems, too. (UPDATE: And see this.)

Should we really trust local officials to count the early votes accurately and honestly? We know there is a large element in society who doesn’t even want voters to be required to present IDs when they vote. Why? Some people say that such a requirement is “racist.” But you need an ID to cash a check at the bank, and so on. Many low income people don’t have a driver’s license or ID and can’t afford to get one (supposedly). The opponents of voter ID even reject offers to have the town or city subsidize the IDs for those people. Why do the anti-ID activists reject even that offer? I think we know the answer to that question.

We had a society in which the majority of the people were by and large honest, but it doesn’t seem that way now. The young people were taught right from wrong by their parents, who usually set an example. But the very system of democracy has enabled our society to elevate the worst of the worst to positions of power. Such a situation may have been largely ignored by the masses, but now the masses are fully aware of the corruption and criminality of the Rulers, but rather than the majority of the people wanting to bring those criminals to justice, the majority of the people adore the ruling political class. And they adore the lowlifes from “Reality TV” and so on who manipulate them as well. And the masses want a piece of the pie (stolen from others via taxation of course). That’s just what our society has become now, unfortunately.

A recent study showed how people become desensitized to dishonesty, over time. In our society, either many people themselves are dishonest and don’t see lying and corruption as a big deal, or they don’t mind others’ lying and dishonesty now (e.g. look at who they have chosen to rule over them: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump). The masses don’t mind the NSA spying on them, even though they are not suspects, they don’t mind TSA goons molesting and raping them at the airport, and they don’t mind their own government starting wars against other countries. Are these passive, obedient sheeple very dishonest, or are they just dumb?

Walter Williams has a column this week, “Dumb American Youth,” on the dishonesty of college administrators, who are admitting students to college who are not qualified. There are many graduates of high schools and colleges now who haven’t learned what they were supposed to have learned. For instance, according to Dr. Williams, a high percentage of students can’t identify states such as New York on the map, or foreign countries such as Iraq as well. You’d think that, given how much Iraq has been in the news for 25 years now, that even young people had seen various maps on the TV news or in news feeds, even if they haven’t seen that in their geography or social studies class in school. But no, they don’t pay attention to the news, apparently.

Dr. Williams points out that “the percentage of college grads who can read and interpret a food label has fallen from 40 to 30. They are six times likelier to know who won ‘American Idol’ than they are to know the name of the speaker of the House. A high-school teacher in California handed out an assignment that required students to use a ruler. Not a single student knew how.”

They don’t know how to use a ruler? They can’t understand a food label? What’s to understand about a damn food label? Is this a contributor to why there is so much obesity out there? People don’t know what the hell they’re doing as far as eating habits are concerned. And even if they become informed of better nutrition, it looks like they don’t actually comprehend the facts that they might hear or read.

So, what the hell are those teachers teaching these kids in the elementary schools and high schools now? They certainly aren’t teaching them how to read and understand what their reading, and how to think logically and critically.

More reasons why the federal Department of Education should never have been imposed on the people. The U.S. educational ranking has steadily declined from #1 down to the double digits now, and there’s a relationship there, in my view. WHY didn’t Ronald Reagan fulfill his promise to get rid of that bureaucracy?

And is there a linkage now between society’s lack of moral scruples, increasing acceptance of dishonest behavior and lack of intelligence or knowledge one usually acquires throughout life?

So the next generation are the ones who will be working on political campaigns, working at voting places and at voting registrar offices. At the local registrar’s office, will we be seeing, “Oh, this newly registered voter mistakenly checked Republican by his name, so I will correct it and make it Democrat”? At elections, will the poll workers be opening up ballots or reading off machines, “25 votes for Clinton, 3 for Trump,” when it really says, “25 votes for Trump, 3 for Clinton”? Are they doing that now? And if so, are they doing it with no clear understanding that they are lying and cheating? Or do they really believe that they are being “do-gooders,” because the other team is “bad”? Now, I’m not supporting Trump, but it is clear that most of the cheating and voter fraud comes from those promoting more and more government power and control (i.e. Democrats, although Republicans now are just Democrat-lite). And by the way, Donald Trump is in that category as well, as he is a central planning fantasizer like crazy, hardly a free-market capitalist or individualist, or a believer in “limited government.” Unfortunately, many of his supporters have been bamboozled into believing that Trump is a “capitalist,” and not the socialist that he is.

So given that “democracy is the god that failed,” people really need to consider non-voting as part of a better solution to society’s problems.

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