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Ooooh, Donald Trump Made Vulgar Comments!

(UPDATE: Some slight corrections made since I wrote this originally.)

As everyone already knows, I am no supporter of Donald Trump. I loathe and detest Trump. However, I can’t believe all the people feigning being “offended” at the revelation of his vulgar comments on a tour bus or wherever it was, back in 2005. He was talking to someone in a bragging way about trying to “move on” some woman, and didn’t know a mic was on and recording the conversation. Jeepers, guys say things like that ALL THE TIME! (No, not me.) When guys like Trump get together, they talk trashy, like in a locker room, etc. And for all we know, it is very likely that he was just making it all up what he was saying to that other person. Many of them just make things up and lie like a rug about their experiences. I can’t believe that the Trump supporters such as Hugh Hewitt are trying to tell Trump to drop out of the race because of THIS! After all the other rude comments Trump has made and tweeted? Like this is any worse? (Perhaps Hugh Hewitt can drop out of talk radio. I can’t stand him.) So anyway, these sleazebag showbiz celebrities and political celebrities are all the same, in my view.

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