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My Response to Commenters on My Recent American Thinker Article

It seems that there was some negative feedback in the comments to my article yesterday on American Thinker. So I will respond to some of them here.

“Angel” is the first comment who has gotten from other readers, so far, 35 thumbs up.

Hmmm. Angel writes, “It’s sad that Mr. Lazarowitz is supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Huh? I’m supporting Hillary? Well, I’m supporting Hillary getting indicted and, one hopes, tried and convicted and sent to jail. Not only should she be indicted for specific violations involving her email server secrecy but the Clinton Foundation corruption and criminality is much more egregious. Especially with the Saudis that we now have reason to believe were involved in the carrying out and/or funding of the 9/11 attacks. If Hillary has been acting treasonously against the people of the United State then that’s much more serious. And as I wrote before, Hillary Clinton’s corruption, dishonesty and criminal loathsomeness goes back to Watergate.

“Angel” also writes: “I’m sorry, but I have paid all of my life into social security and medicare against my will. I want my money back! I’m not going to let the government keep it to satisfy Mr. Lazarowitz and his fantasy about ‘principles’.”

Sorry to disappoint you, Angel, but you will not get your money back. Congress spent it and squandered it away in real time as the gubmint took it from you. The money you receive or will be receiving in Social Security is from what is currently right now being taken from other people’s paychecks or other income. It is a welfare-state, redistribution-of-wealth scheme. And that’s the truth, as Edith Ann would say.

And “Space Cowboy” writes, “That’s incorrect, conservatives don’t accept regressive government, fake conservatives accept regressive government. Indeed, the current Republican Party is a party comprised of primarily fake conservatives.”

No, it is indeed correct to say that conservatives accept (progressive) government. I know, Space Cowboy uses “regressive” in reference to “progressive,” because the progressives are regressive, which is true. But conservatives accept the current apparatus of central planning, wealth confiscation and redistribution. And with the exception of Ron Paul, they don’t propose to abolish those immoral schemes, only to “reform” them. But immoral and society-destroying schemes such as those are just criminal rackets. And they have to be given the heave-ho as part of restoring not only freedom but a moral society.

And by the way, “conservative” Ronald Reagan promised to abolish the Education and Energy departments, but he didn’t do it. He expanded those bureaucracies, and he added the “drug czar” and expanded the drug war police state. And after cutting taxes in 1981 he then went on to raise taxes in 1982 and continued to do so throughout his administration. Reagan signed the very first $1 trillion budget. Remember that? When he waved that phone-book-sized thing in the air and whined? But he signed it anyway. Not a “conservative” there. A real conservative would have thrown it back to Congress and told them to cut out the pork, and would have stuck to his promise to eliminate whole agencies, bureaucracies, and all those three-letter dirty word commissions.

Back to the comments. Then “Country Boy” goes on to state: “He’s for Gary Johnson.” I assume he’s referring to me. Well, all you have to do is look at this blog, especially my most recent post on Gary Johnson, and you would know that I’m not for Gary Johnson. (Well, I’m for Gary Johnson dropping out of the race, stop insulting libertarians, and going back to New Mexico, quite frankly.)

“Deathwish” writes, “Our progressive government is evil so don’t vote for Trump? Hillary and Bill have spent their entire lives on the public dole furthering the confiscation of people’s money and Hillary is promising to take even more, so vote for Hillary? I will vote for Trump and take my chances.

There is little difference between Trump and Hillary. They are both socialists. Trump is a reality TV star who is good at fooling people. As I wrote in this article, Trump loves Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. He wants to expand Medicaid for a Medicaid-for-all scheme in which “the government will take care of everyone” and “the government’s going to pay for it.” In interviews with Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper, when it is pointed out that what he is describing is “single payer,” Trump says it’s not called “single payer,” “It’s called heart,” he says. And, “You have to have a lot of compassion,” he says to Michael Savage. You see, it’s all based on emotion with these socialists. Trump is not only not a conservative, but he is just another faux capitalist, a crony-capitalist as well. How could a real capitalist be a socialist? A real capitalist wants free markets. Not Trump.

He’s also fine with the transgender bathroom mixing stuff. Trump has “New York values,” and his socialism mixed with his authoritarianism is a bad mix. He will be just as much the PC President as will Hillary Clinton, mark my words. A President Trump would be just as dangerous to our liberty and prosperity as a President Hillary would be.

And finally, John Hopson writes: “Btw Lazarowitz, millions of Americans have resisted the income tax, refusing to file a return or pay a tax on their individual productive labor. If you had the courage of your blithering bullshiiite, you’d be one of them. But, you’re not one of them are you Lazarowitz? I perceive you to be a moral and physical coward hurling insults at Trump from the cheap seats in the peanut gallery.”

Of course I’m not one of them, and I haven’t done anything illegal, unethical or dishonest. And I’m not “hurling insults” at Trump, I merely point out facts about his own statements and policy positions. I believe that such accurately summed-up views should be communicated to the people, because we know the media only concentrate on Trump’s name-calling, his gaffes, etc., i.e. superficial things that don’t mean anything. And there’s nothing “cowardly” about my writing honest assessments of these corrupt characters who rule or want to rule over us. This is exactly why we have the First Amendment, to protect our communications and our expressions, and especially to protect our criticisms of people with power. And regarding Trump, with his admiration of Putin, someone who jails (or has murdered) journalists, we need to be just as wary of Trump as we should be of Hillary. They are both equally dangerous.

But my article was not about Donald Trump, as only two paragraphs referred to him. The article was about conservatives accepting the criminal socialist apparatus of government that the progressives put into place and remains for a century now. Not good.

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