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Further Comments on Trump’s Trash Talk

I just wanted to make some further comments on my previous post on Donald Trump’s bragging about trying to have sex with married women and talking in a vulgar manner about it. I am not condoning that kind of talk, and certainly not that kind of behavior that Trump was claiming to have been doing.

However, all these phony media people, talk radio personalities and so forth are so full of it. They never hear that kind of talk in locker rooms, etc. What bull. I have heard that kind of talk in middle school, high school, college, and after. And it isn’t strictly limited to locker rooms (and obviously some locker rooms are without that kind of talk, like in a church). It really has to do with when males get together, especially in private areas. I’ll bet that MOST show-biz celebrity and politician males talk like that — and worse! — in private. And I appreciate Linda Schrock Taylor’s comments (and sarcasm) on that kind of male-bonding trash talk.

And by the way, given that the recent example is an off-mic recording of Trump, who had that private conversation in the private area with the implication that it was a private conversation, should he consider having this Billy Carter Billy Bush person charged with wiretapping or invasion of privacy, etc.? In many states, recording another person in a conversation without his consent is illegal.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that Trump has actually acted toward women in that way, and it’s probably that he’s just “all talk,” etc. Although it might be true what his first wife Ivana alleged against him, as far as rape is concerned. But it might not be true. And I hope it isn’t true what is now being alleged that Trump allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl.

In any case, he’s a loathsome degenerate as I’ve been saying. Either way, whether it’s Hillary Rotten Clinton (who has her own case of the potty mouth herself) or Donald Rotten Trump in November, we’re all screwed.

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