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Are You Ready for President Hillary Rotten Clinton?

We are all sick of Hollery, but we’re going to have to get used to it. And yes, the system is “rigged,” in that the Clintons have a Machine built up for over 25 years now, in all 50 states. Early voting is going on right now — not good. “Vote early, and often,” and all that sort of thing.

And also, we have seen from the WikiLeaks email dumps, Democrat operatives such as Debbie Wackerjob Schultz have been cahooting to lock Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. Hillary gets debate questions from media people in advance of debates. The DNC and Clinton campaign incite riots at Trump rallies. There are now Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s revealing emails, the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary’s telling her supporters one thing and telling the banksters something else.

Various news media hacks have been cahooting and colluding with the Clinton campaign to slant not just the news but the whole campaign for Hillary. Here is WND with an article on Hillary supporters “embedded” in the news media. Among other sad displays, Glenn Thrush asks Podesta for approval of his Politico stories. How sick is that? Here is the Columbia Journalism Review with an article on journalists wasting their money on the Hillary campaign. CNN fires Dr. Drew Pinsky for his expressing concern over Hillary’s “1950s” medical care. Clinton campaign workers and media hacks shame an NBC reporter for covering Hillary’s coughing fit. (Hmm, which coughing fit was that one?)

But the media bias is nothing new. As I wrote in a previous post, in 2008 there were the “Journolists,” the Washington-Establishment news reporters and editors who consciously chose not to report on any news or facts that could damage Obama’s chances for the White House. That included biased debate questions during the Obama vs. Hillary debates, and smearing conservatives and Tea Partiers (“Call them racists.”). Some of the “Journolists” included Spencer Ackerman and Ezra Klein, and, according to the Daily Caller, reporters from such media outlets as “Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic.”

And here is the Observer with an article on extreme media and entertainment favoritism toward Clinton including Howard Stern, of all people. The Observer writes about the denial by the exposed Hillary sycophants in the media:

Ignoring a tidal wave of Wikileaks documents that show instance after instance of media collusion with the Clinton campaign, Politico on Monday morning declared that “Trump takes media-bias myth to new heights.” The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan agreed, telling CNN “There is no sort of little group called ‘the media’ that gets together and decides to do terrible things to Donald Trump.” Nevertheless, the recent Wikileaks dump has forced even some serious liberal critics, such as Glenn Greenwald, to assert that the profession has damaged its credibility in ways that will outlive this gruesome election.

And here is my list of articles by Glenn Greenwald showing media bias, mainly biased toward the glorification of all-powerful government in general as well as for Obama in particular.

Well, as I have written in articles before, news “journalists” shill for the State, and The New York Times, CBS and Fox, et al. — They’re ALL part of the Regime.

But as far as the election being “rigged,” it isn’t just the media and campaign hacks who are trying to sway the election in favor of Hillary. It’s the voters themselves. As I wrote in this post, many Independents went into open Republican primaries to vote for the weakest Republican because they wanted Hillary to win in the general, and perhaps many Democrats re-registered to vote in Republican primaries as well.

In fact, among the many emails leaked by WikiLeaks, one showed how Democrats were worried about candidates such as a Rand Paul making it to the general election, and were promoting someone such as Donald Trump who would be like a “pied piper” candidate. And he is. (But so is Hitlery, truth be told.)

But, there is also the possibility that Trump himself has been running to intentionally lose the general election on behalf of Hillary. I’ve mentioned this before, but there are many True Believers who refuse to accept even the possibility of that sort of thing.

On August 8, 2015, I wrote,

I like the fact that Donald Trump has been throwing a wrench into the system, but I think that Justin Raimondo is probably correct, that The Donald really is there as a straw, to throw a wrench just into the GOP, and on behalf of The Hillary. It is good that Trump stands against political correctness as he told Megyn Kelly, but he really does have a history of making rude personal comments to women. Even if Rosie O’Donnell is herself rude and ghastly, Trump should at least have some class and keep certain thoughts to himself. And why does he have to say out loud that he thinks a woman wanting to breast-feed her baby is “disgusting”? Can’t he keep such opinions to himself?

Raimondo apparently doesn’t think that now, as he has been promoting Trump (with some reservations, of course). Raimondo is big on “America First” with his tweets, which allegedly reflects Donald Trump’s campaign. However, Trump’s policies and rhetoric show that he is not about “America First” as much as he is about “Government First.” Trump wants to expand the size and power of the fedgov by trillions, and he wants to expand the police state. In contrast — and I know I am quite alone on this these days — I personally am in favor of “Freedom First.” (Alas, some people think that I am actually treasonous for thinking “Freedom First, not America First,” but that’s the way people are now in Authoritarian Soviet Amerika. Oh, well.)

But could Trump be a straw candidate or stalking horse for Hillary? It’s not entirely out of the question. Was it just a Freudian slip when, in this interview (a little after 11:00) Trump said he wanted to “beat the Republicans”? Just askin’.

And just one final note. People have been criticizing Trump for his sniffing at debates. I suspect that it might be a sign of his contempt for either Hillary or others he is dealing with. In a blog post in September of 2015, I wrote:

… in an interview with the author of a new biography on him, Trump is quoted, stating: “For the most part, you can’t respect people because most people aren’t worthy of respect.” And it sounds like that isn’t even taken out of context, because how could you do that? I think that one statement tells us about what Donald Trump really thinks of other people. (Not much.) And there really are sheeple out there who think that that kind of contemptuous attitude is okay. They want their President to have that attitude and think that way about them! They want their rulers to walk all over them and treat them like dirt. I know I do.

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