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Will the Sheeple Elect Hillary Milhous Clinton in 2016?

I realize that some of my posts or articles may have a slightly “negative” tone to them, or pessimistic maybe. But no, I am just realistic about things, and I try to be objective. For instance, in the title of my previous post, “Voting to take away more of your own freedom,” I am just telling it like it is regarding what people will be doing this Fall. It’s not my fault that many people are dupes and believe the propaganda and assumptions about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, voting for the “lesser of two evils,” and so on. You don’t like my calling you a “sheeple”? Tough noogies. I calls it like I sees it.

Now, there are the Trump people who actually believe that he will “run the country like a business” (How Orwellian is that?), or that he will control “illegal” immigration or build a Berlin Wall on the southern border. Or that the “conservative” Justices he would appoint to the U.S. Supreme Court will not be another traitor John Roberts or a David Souter or another Anthony Kennedy. (LOL)

And then there are the many people who will be voting for Hillary because they want to see “America’s First Woman President,” or because they believe Hillary is a “liberal” who agrees with the “Social Justice” agenda. And the people will vote for her regardless of all the baggage. And boy, does she have a lot of baggage.

In 1972, Richard Nixon won his reelection by a landslide over George McGovern, despite the Watergate scandal going on that year. And the sheeple voted for him despite the revelations of the Pentagon Papers in 1971.

You would think that when it is revealed that top Pentagon bureaucrats had expressed major doubts as early as 1965 whether the Vietnam War would be winnable yet the bureaucrats escalated their aggressions anyway, sacrificing the lives of tens of thousands of young American men (and many more innocent Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians), that most commonsense-thinking people would recognize war criminals when they see them and vote to remove them from office (and push for their prosecution).

Nope. Not sheeple. Not the American sheeple who let their rulers walk all over them and then the slaves go on to reelect those very rulers.

Americans are loyal and faithful to their rulers, regardless of how corrupt, criminal and murderous the rulers are. Americans bend over and take it again and again and again. At least most of them do. And that’s because many people are raised to be brainwashed to love and worship authority, and are certainly indoctrinated with that authoritarianism in the public schools and by mainstream media outlets who repeat word for word the propaganda spewed out by the ruling bureaucrats.. And many people worship the military, which is an authoritarian institution of slavery that has been used by evil Presidents to start wars of aggression against foreigners and invade other countries that were of no threat to us, or to unjustly enter foreign wars which could have been prevented in the first place.

So back then in 1971, the sheeple were calling for Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg to be prosecuted for “treason” or “espionage,” when in reality it was those Johnson-McNamara bureaucrats who were committing treason in their war for ego and power. And in more recent times, the sheeple call for the prosecution (and execution) of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden for their informing the American people of the war crimes and/or treasonous domestic spying being committed by our rulers Bush-Obama-Clinton-etc. The sheeple just don’t want to know the extent of their rulers’ criminality and loathsomeness.

So the voters and the voter fraudsters and White House Plumbers reelected Nixon in a landslide despite what a loathsome crook and a mass-murdering war criminal he was. The sheeple approve of mass-murder by government and bureaucrats sacrificing young compatriots to serve their egos. Let government criminals get away with their crimes. That is why Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages was no big deal, and why the sheeple approved of George H.W. Bush’s brand new war on Iraq in 1991 (which, with murderous sanctions, led to 9/11, ISIS and more terrorism, more war, and bankruptcy. Yay!)

And now we have the authoritarians on the Left who believe in militarism for the sake of “humanitarian” goals, killing foreigners to save them from poverty and so on. A lot of these people on the Left are also true believers in “Social Justice,” in human-caused climate change/global warming and/or cooling, the concept of “microaggression” and censorship. Many of the oldsters among them are ’60s flower child hippies whose brains had been totally fried by hard drugs by 1975. Thanks, guys.

Those leftist sheeple — and there are many more of them now than there ever were — are all for Hillary. Meanwhile, the FBI director lists point after point his justifications to indict her for the email server criminality, yet he then concludes by recommending against indictment. And there are her documented lies to Congressional committee, and maybe to the FBI. Hillary’s Clinton Foundation now and its cahoots with Saudi and other foreign dictators and tyrants. Hillary’s shady history going back to her First Lady days, and all the way back to her dishonest and unethical behavior working with the House Judiciary Committee on the Nixon Watergate scandal. It seems as though she has become the very ugly beast she was trying to take down at that time, alas.

But the brainwashed sheeple and the “Social Justice” warriors will vote for her, the mainstream Goebbels media outlets will continue covering up for her, and this is Amerika in 2016. No different from Amerika in 1972 with Nixon.

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