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Voting to Take Away More of Your Own Freedom

The current choices of candidates for President show the decline of society in its thoughtfulness and moral scruples. So many people now are addicted to their stupid little electronic gadgets, their meaningless texting and so on. They are constantly holding onto their little phones like their baby rattles and staring down like zombies. Many people are also on prescription drugs or just high on marijuana or pacified by all the terrible chemicals in their favorite junk food.

So now we have Hillary Clinton, who was already a warmonger when she was First Lady during the 1990s and she is a warmonger now. There are her scandals, including Travelgate, Whitewater, Filegate, Vince Foster, the other suspicious deaths including the more recent deaths, the email scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandals, and on and on. Yet she has a lot of support among the ignorant sheeple. And Bernie Sanders has shown what an extreme sell-out he is! But Mrs. Clinton is so corrupt and sleazy, which is not very much different from the kinds of people we’ve had as President thus far.

And then there’s Donald Trump. Many libertarians and conservatives support Trump, despite his being a welfare-state socialist who wants to expand Medicaid to have a Medicaid-for-All single payer government-run insurance scam. That kind of liberty-destroying government-run scheme will make it easier for corrupt bureaucrats to go after the politically-incorrect, the gun owners, people who criticize government, and so on. But that is what Trump wants because like many people on the Left he is ignorant or contemptuous of free-market success. Trump also has dragged innocent victims through the courts to use eminent domain to steal their property away from them. He loves eminent domain — government theft of private property — and he thinks it’s a wonderful thing.  So in my view he has a covetous, thug-like mentality. Now, those conservative and libertarians who are in denial and are hypnotized by years of seeing him on Reality TV or whatever that is, obviously don’t care that he’s a socialist and an anti-private property authoritarian. But the truth is the truth. And they agree with him on building a socialist government wall, which says a lot about them!

Regarding the “Libertarian” Party’s candidate, Gary Johnson, he supports the TPP, is open to “universal basic income” (As decided by whom? As distributed by whom? As funded by whom, Gary? Voluntary participation? Involuntary?), and he supports a “carbon tax“! So Gary Johnson is exploiting the Libertarian Party (which had actual libertarians Ron Paul and Harry Browne as its standard bearers!) in order to promote his own failed Republican candidacy from 2012. This guy is as libertarian is Hillary Clinton! Just how stupid are people now?!

And there’s Jill Stein who is quite good on foreign policy, very Ron Paulian. But her domestic economic policy really, really sucks. She is a totally fanatical “climate change” kook, and like ALL the aforementioned, she doesn’t believe in the ideas of self-ownership and non-aggression, and individual freedom. Like the aforementioned, Jill Stein wants to have more regulations and intrusions into the people’s lives and property, and to be enforced by a well-armed police state. As I have stated before, a regulated state is a police state, you “liberals” out there.

I heard the Constitution Party’s candidate on the Glenn Beck radio show this week. He’s just another anti-immigration conservative, or so it sounded like. Does he know that the U.S. Constitution says nothing about immigration?

I’m sure if people felt some sort of obligation to vote in November, if they want their vote to be a principled pro-freedom vote they could write in Ron Paul or others who believe in voluntary action and who would pardon non-criminals and release them from the jails and prisons (or promise to do so if elected). Non-criminals are those who have not violated the persons or property of others or threatened to do so.

Please don’t believe the crap that Hillary is the lesser of two evils, because both Hillary and Donald are equally dangerous and equally bad. I’m sure the Reality TV zombies disagree with me on that.

Voting never solved anything anyway. And if voting in a rigged election (which Hillary is going to win anyway) is to be “defensive,” then that says something about our entire system. A majority of the population should not have the ability to empower people to take away the rights and liberty of their neighbors. And you shouldn’t have to vote for a “lesser of two evils” in a defensive way to try to get someone in power who will violate your life and freedom a little less than the other evil one. That’s just sick.

This is supposed to be a land of freedom, in which you do what you want, as long as you are peaceful and don’t violate the persons and property of others, with no reporting of anything to a bureaucrat or agency that you wouldn’t report to your next-door neighbor. If no one has any reason to suspect you of something criminal (with “criminal” meaning violating the persons or property of others or threatening to do so) then others leave you alone. As Clint Eastwood would say, “Everyone leaves everyone else alone.”

And I wish people would cut it out with this anti-immigration nonsense, too. This is a huge territory with over 300 million people. It’s not an exclusive, private club. However, it should be a land of freedom in which exclusive private clubs are free to exist.

But there are those who believe in the “United States of America” being a communistic collectively-owned territory (although with that is collective ownership of everything and everyone within the territory — good luck with that!). That is an anti-private property point of view. It is not a pro-freedom point of view.

As the Declaration of Independence notes, all people have unalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t say, “These unalienable rights only apply to American citizens.” Some people actually believe that having such rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is a benefit of American citizenship, and “non-citizens” don’t have such rights. Anyway, those rights are “unalienable,” which means that we have them inherently as human beings. Alas, many anti-immigration conservatives suffer from cognitive dissonance in these areas.

In a land of freedom, you own your own life, the community doesn’t own your life and the government doesn’t own your life, you own your life. And you don’t share in ownership of your life with the community or government either. Freedom means having the freedom to put whatever chemical into your own body you want, as long as you take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions and actions. Freedom also means having the freedom to make use of your own body, your energy, intellect and knowledge, your labor and skills in whatever way you want, to sell your labor or the products of your labor to whomever you want, or to hire whomever you want, as long as its all voluntary. No bureaucrats’ permission, no license, no fees, no involuntarily confiscated income or wealth (because that’s stealing!), no list of arbitrary rules and orders to have to obey except in a contract voluntarily agreed to by you. That’s freedom.

That kind of freedom used to be what the “Libertarian” Party promoted, because the advocacy of that kind of actual freedom is actual libertarianism. I would say that the “Libertarian” Party is ruined completely now and should close down. And I don’t believe that people who believe in a free society have any reason to vote in the upcoming elections. Unfortunately, voter turnout might actually be high, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, because those two clowns reflect the majority of ignorant sheeple zombies in our society, a society which is going to further decline in the near future.

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