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The Latest Shake-Up at the Trump Campaign

The Donald Trump campaign has been a real clunker since the knighting of Hillary at the Democrat convention. But now Trump campaign chairman Paul Manthefort is essentially being replaced by Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon and advisor-pollster Kellyanne Conway. Since the Trump campaign has been such a joke thus far perhaps Tim Conway would’ve been a better choice. Really, the whole thing is a farce as far as I’m concerned.

Justin Raimondo has this analysis today of Trump’s foreign policy and Trump’s statement on “ideological vetting” of immigrants, the loyalty tests he wants to give them. As Justin put it, “will any would-be terrorist answer truthfully when asked if he or she believes in Sharia law, as opposed to the US Constitution?” Exactly. So, I don’t think that Donald Trump actually thinks things through in any particular issue, economics or foreign policy, and he just makes statements based on the emotional aspects of an issue and/or what his neocon or other handlers tell him.

And saying that he’s fine with U.S. citizens being tried at the Guantanamo prison in Cuba, so their Constitutionally-protected rights will not be protected? But will he be fine with himself being renditioned off to Guantanamo for a “trial” of torture and solitary confinement by President Hillary? I know, some people think I’m way off with my asserting that American politicians would use such unconstitutional and criminal apparatus against their own fellow Americans. But those people are either not informed of actual U.S. history or they are in denial of just how criminally-minded most politicians really are. The Clintons are Bonnie and Clyde “on steroids,” in my view.

And regarding Guantanamo and torture, and the actual guilt or lack thereof of the prisoners being detained there since 9/11, out of 779 of those prisoners, 670 of them have already been released because there was no evidence against them. 5% of those detainees were captured by U.S. troops and 86% of them were captured by Afghan villagers and others who were paid bounties by CIA and coalition forces.

According to Andy Worthington, senior intelligence analysts had concluded that one-third to one-half of Gitmo detainees were “mistakes” and “had no connection to terrorism whatsoever.” Several cases against detainees had been dismissed by judges based on the detainees giving false confessions, by way of torture. So, when government officials claim that of the 600+ Guantanamo prisoners released, 107 were “confirmed of re-engaging” in terrorism, it is more likely that those people “re-engaging” were not “re-engaging” but joining in hostilities for the first time. I am sure that many neocons, Exceptionalists and Rethuglicans can’t possibly comprehend this, but if they were kidnapped and taken off to some prison and tortured even though they were not involved in any criminal activity, they would probably want to join in the fight against those who tortured them.

But I don’t expect Donald Trump to understand any of that, even if he is a left-liberal progressive who wants to base economic policies on “heart” and “compassion” and base foreign policy on collectivism and nationalist isolationism. But because he’s pretending to run for President he has been talking like a “conservative,” a neocon (as well as a non-interventionist), and a “law and order” guy.

See Donald Trump disagree with Donald Trump (Warning: foul language):

And Trump is attracting many people because he’s a Reality TV performer who is good with demagoguery and manipulating the emotions of the masses. He’s also a character. As my Grandma would say (not about Trump but about some others like on the TV news), “That guy, what a character…” And many people are laughing at him, because he is so laughable, a real “laughingstock.” So one reason I am constantly writing about and criticizing Donald Trump is that this whole campaign is a farce. It is NOT serious! Even Gary Statist Johnson being the Libertarian Party nominee and misinforming the public on what libertarianism actually is, that too is a farce! And with Trump in this campaign have been Cruella Fiorina, Ted Scruz, Rick Sanitorium, and Jeb! And with Hillary Rotten Clinton has been Bernie Ward Sanders, Hillary’s fellow communist. The Donald is helping the Democrat-Communist Party remain in power to further communize and tyrannize Amerika. Doh!

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