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Some GOP Primary Challengers for the Anti-Liberty U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte is one of the U.S. Senators that Donald Trump has been reluctant to endorse (along with John McCain and Rep. Paul Ryan). But I think he finally endorsed them. Kelly Ayotte is not the brightest bulb in the Senate, but she’s also wrong on just about every issue. Ayotte is an extremely anti-liberty politician. Ayotte is a militarist who does not believe in due process, supports the evil Patriot Act, believes that people placed on a no-fly list (regardless of the many false positives) should be denied their right to have a firearm, and supports illegal NSA spying on innocents and fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and has many other bad positions.

On the one hand, because I really believe that Hillary Clinton will win in November, I think it’s important that she face a Republican Congress to oppose her entire agenda. However, Donald Trump’s name at the top of the Rs will cause big losses and give Hillary a rubber-stamp Democrat Congress. So, I would prefer that Kelly Ayotte beat Democrat Maggie Hassan in November.

On the other hand, because I can’t stand Ayotte it would be nice to see her “primaried” and yanked out of the U.S. Senate (along with McCain and other anti-liberty schmucks).

But then, among Ayotte’s Republican primary opponents one pro-liberty candidate is someone a bit too “extreme” in his, well, not his views but the way he expresses them. That’s Tom Alciere who is not running as a Libertarian Party candidate but as a Republican. In fact, he is a self-described “Orthodox Libertarian Extremist.”

For instance, he seems to be very anti-police. But with some of the things he says or writes, he just is not going to attract voters away from Ayotte in the primary with that kind of stuff. Alciere says that while people have a right to presumption of innocence, cops should be “presumed guilty until proven innocent.” Now, I also have some issues with government police, but I believe that all people are to be presumed innocent, regardless of their occupation or any other factors, including police officers. Alciere writes that as a U.S. Senator, he “will not confirm an attorney general unless the nominee hates cops with a passion.” Do you think you’re going to take votes away from Kelly Ayotte with that kind of stuff?

In fact, Alciere’s online comments such as, “Nobody will ever be safe until the last cop is dead,” caused such a stir that he was pressured to resign from the New Hampshire state House of Representatives within weeks of taking office in 2001. According to the New York Times, Alciere wrote, “There is nothing wrong with slaughtering a cop. Just throw the carcass into the Dumpster with the rest of the garbage. Cops are nothing but vicious brutal thugs anyway.”

Now, obviously Alciere, who has described himself as a libertarian, doesn’t understand libertarianism’s message of individualism. In contrast, collectivism is when people view others by group identity, and treat them accordingly. Alciere’s assertion that “cops are nothing but vicious brutal thugs” is just inaccurate, because there are many cops who are not vicious or brutal. Each one of us is an individual and has a right to be viewed upon and judged by others as such an individual. To me, that kind of individualist philosophy goes hand in hand with libertarian philosophy.

By the way, Alciere also runs, a website with the names and Social Security numbers of dead people, and, so he’s definitely my kinda guy.

And then there’s professional roofing contractor Gerard Beloin. Now, except for his views on immigration and maybe some other things, I like what he has to say, sort of. However, apparently Beloin has had some issues in the New Hampshire court system, as a whistleblower uncovering corruption. In his About page he describes some of that. He also has a YouTube channel that includes a posting of a court-ordered psychological evaluation of him involving some issue. There’s also a video of him and some other guy going over the details of Kelly Ayotte’s corruption  as a “dirty lawyer and dirty pol” in New Hampshire. I only looked at parts of that video. But it seems that there has been more than one time in which Beloin has had conflicts with New Hampshire government officials and politicians, including “suspicious deaths” in certain court cases. Nothing new there.

Sadly, Beloin is not the only one who has been the victim of New Hampshire’s government court system. While New Hampshire is supposedly a libertarianish “Free State,” its government-run “child protective services” and family court system have been an Orwellian nightmare for many people.

So despite their flaws, either of those two, Tom Alciere or Gerard Beloin, would be better than the loathsome Kelly Ayotte, in my view. But I suspect that she will win re-nomination and probably lose to Democrat Maggie Hassan in November.

Is there a Libertarian Party candidate? (Does it matter?) Well, there’s Brian Chabot, who describes himself as a “left-leaning libertarian.” His gun rights/gun control views are not libertarian, they are central-planning nonsense, in my view.

Because the Libertarian Party now is so anti-liberty and un-libertarian, it might be better for true liberty-minded state-wide candidates to challenge Establishment Republicans and Democrats in primaries to get elected to those offices.

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