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Libertarians Should Abandon Trump, Advocate Liberty Instead

Robert Wenzel says it is time to disband Libertarians for Trump.

Since it is clear that Donald Trump is terrible on economics, terrible on trade and terrible on private liberty, “Libertarians for Trump,” aside from Trump’s street-style  dismissal of political correctness (although he is even weak here when it comes to gays), has had to hang its support on the idea that Trump would be less war-like than Hillary Clinton.

This despite the fact that Trump has stated that he would send U.S. ground troops  to the Middle East and that his apparent favorite general believes that we will be at war with Islam for generations.

But Trump, this morning, has just showed us how misdirected LFT members are. Trump just went out of his way to praise the super neocon John Bolton.

And Wenzel writes further reasons why Libertarians for Trump should not continue. The main purpose for Libertarians for Trump was because they believe that Donald Trump is less likely to start World War III than Hillary Clinton. But Trump is just as dangerous, surrounding himself with neocons, bloodthirsty warmongers and authoritarians like Jeff Sessions, Tom Cotton, Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, and now John Bolton.

I think that Hillary has been planning for decades to divide and conquer not just the GOP, which she has now accomplished, but liberty-minded and Constitution-oriented groups such as the libertarians, including the Libertarian Party. The libertarian movement has been arguing amongst themselves now, mainly over a socialist government-is-the-solution-to-everything ignoramus Donald Trump.

Back in 2012 Ron Paul had influenced a lot of the young people, who then went to a total anti-liberty demagogue Bernie Sanders. In the political world, Ron Paul has been the most effective speaker and motivator and informer for the masses on the cause of liberty, and the principles of liberty such as non-interventionism, private property, and free markets as the means toward a much more peaceful and prosperous society. Now Ron Paul is no longer a part of the political world, but he continues to spread the message via the Institute for Peace and Prosperity, the Ron Paul Liberty Report, his homeschooling curriculum, as well as giving speeches and doing interviews.

But now, in the political world not only are there no (or very few) real liberty advocates but, in contrast, the advocates for bigger and more intrusive government, a more powerful police state, and less and less liberty are getting louder and louder, and more powerful, especially with Donald Trump helping to put Hillary Clinton in power.

I have a feeling that, when the younger people see exactly what President Hillary has in store for them, they will be advocating for secession, nullification, and civil disobedience quite a lot in the coming years.

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