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Hillary’s Unethical, Sleazy (and Criminal) Behaviors Go Back Over 40 Years

In my previous post I made a reference to Hillary Clinton’s unethical acts as a lawyer working with the House Judiciary Committee’s Impeachment Inquiry in 1974 during the Watergate crisis, and I linked to this article from “” I also had seen some other articles on Hillary’s time there and had not been fully aware that the Committee’s staff supervisor at the time, Democrat Jerry Zeifman, had dismissed Hillary Rodham from the staff because of her dishonest and unethical behavior. Zeifman had stated that she had written a “fraudulent legal brief” and taken documents to cover it up and then lied about it to Zeifman. The apparent purpose of Hillary and a few other staff members to break House rules and the Committee rules was, according to Zeifman, to deny Richard Nixon his right to counsel during the investigation, and to further delay the investigation and hearings, and with an ultimate goal of ensuring that a Democrat would get elected President in 1976.

In other words, Hillary Rodham’s work with that House Committee was not to seek justice, as she obviously had no moral scruples and no sense of ethics, but was solely for political strategy and maneuvering. From my basic research on the Internet, it appears that neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton, while they may have personally opposed the U.S. at war in Vietnam during the 1960s, they were not particularly seen at any actual protests and were not active in that area. They were, however, active in building their political careers. Power-seeking seemed more to their liking.

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