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Anthony Weiner: Scum, Perv, a Disgraceful Father

It appears that former New York Congressperv Anthony Weiner still hasn’t learned his lesson from all his previous sexting scandals, one of which cost him his New York City mayoral race.

This time, Weiner has been caught sending images to a woman not his wife, including an image of himself in his underwear clearly “aroused,” but with his 4-year-old little boy getting into bed with him. It was supposedly 3 AM!

Excuse me, what is a little child doing up at 3 AM?

Supposedly, Weiner is a “stay-at-home dad” while his wife, Hillary sidekick Huma Abedin, is off campaigning with Hillary for President. And because of this newest sexting scandal, Huma has announced that she is separating from Weiner. But why did it take her so many years and so many sicko sexting scandals?

The latest story broke in the New York Post, which has been unnecessarily posting some of Weiner’s quite graphic images. But look at these Post headlines starting with that initial article, “Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him,” “Trump: Good for Huma, Weiner sucks,” “Experts expect Children’s Services to investigate Weiner,” “State Senator says Weiner should be probed for child abuse,” “Texts reveal Anthony Weiner knew his marriage was ‘busted’,” and “Anthony Weiner bragged about using his kid as a ‘chick magnet’.”

I’m really sorry to be linking to articles like that, and which contain graphic images (You’ve been warned!). But I think this not only tells us a lot about Anthony Weiner, but it says something about news journalism today. Sexual matters-turned-sleazy, sexual innuendo, and perversion sells, apparently.

And is Anthony Weiner perverted! He’s got extremely deep, unresolved psychological issues, for sure. Like Donald Trump, Weiner seems to be stuck emotionally in the 7th grade as far as his level of maturity is concerned. “Sick puppy,” you bet.

As I noted before, Weiner reflects the lack of self-control, discretion and judgment that we have been seeing from government bureaucrats and politicians in recent years. Most of those who are drawn to positions of power and control and the central planning apparatus show such infantile traits and shortsightedness. If I were a psychiatrist or psychologist I would find it of interest to see any one of those people in the office. And I would bet that if Anthony Weiner were a patient in psychotherapy, the therapist would have drawers full of files on his case, like that patient on The Bob Newhart Show, Mr. Carlin.

And as long as people are digging into the Weiner-Abedins’ private life, it is also interesting that he is a militant Israel-Firster and she is a Muslim, and maybe even associated with the extremist organization Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Roger Stone,

Two years after Huma was born, the family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and with the patronage of Abdullah Omar Naseef of the Muslim World League, founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs with offices in Saudi Arabia and London, England. In the 1980’s Syed Abedin was a counselor of the Muslim World League. After his death in 1993, his wife Saleha took over and serves as director of the IMMA (Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs) and as the editor of that organization’s academic magazine, the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. More recently she still edits the Journal and is also a part of the administration of Dar Al-Hekma Women’s College.

Naseef’s connections to the entire Abedin family are significant — and, for reasons you’ll see in a moment, very troubling. As Vanity Fair wrote, during “his early years as the patron of the Abedins’ journal, Nasseef was the secretary-general of the Muslim World League” and gives more shocking details about the Abedins:

“It turns out the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is an Abedin family business. Huma was an assistant editor there between 1996 and 2008. Her brother, Hassan, 45, is a book-review editor at the Journal and was a fellow at the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, where Nasseef is chairman of the board of trustees. Huma’s sister, Heba, 26, is an assistant editor at the Journal.”

That’s what all the fuss is about. Since 1962, the Muslim World League has been funded by the Saudi government to the tune of more than $1.3 billion.

And according to this article on The Hill,

Senator (John) McCain and others roundly criticized Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2012 when she and four members of the House Permanent Select Committee Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee cited Ms. Abedin in letters sent to the Inspectors General of the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, warning about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the United States government.

In response to those critiques, Rep. Bachmann laid out the evidence in a 16-page memo, which has never been refuted by Senator McCain or the elite media.

The evidence, in my opinion, is overwhelming: Huma Abedin is nothing short of a Muslim Brotherhood princess, born into an illustrious family of Brotherhood leaders.

So if it’s true that Huma Abedin is sympathetic with Islamic extremism or jihad, then it just doesn’t make sense that she would marry an extreme militant Israel-Firster such as Anthony Weiner. And yes, he’s an Israel-Firster and has been very critical of and biased against Palestinians.

For instance, according to Philip Weiss, in a Jewish event responding to concerns over Obama’s Israel-Palestine policy Anthony Weiner referred to “Eretz Israel,” which means the Biblically-directed expanded territory of the Land of Israel, and he referred to convicted spy-traitor Jonathan Pollard as “Jonathan.” Weiner also stated that “Israel has no partners in Palestinians, who vote for terrorists.” (Many people really believe that all Palestinians are “terrorists,” thanks to government propaganda.)

Weiner is extremely “right wing” when it comes to Israel, yet, as that particular event showed, when the subject turned to health care he goes full commie, promoting single payer, medicare for all, nationalized healthcare, and gets very excited when discussing those things. You see, many of these same infantile political hacks are also central-planning ideologues who love government control.

Weiner is also a denier of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, and has tried to ban a Palestinian delegation from the UN. (“They should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags,” he said. I know, many people really believe that Palestinian = terrorist, based solely on collectivist propaganda, certainly not based on reality and the truth.)

But does the Muslim and possibly Sharia Law sympathizer Huma Abedin know any of this about her so-called husband? Who knows? In any event, given how close she has been with Hillary Clinton since the 1990s and that Huma is a major player in the Hillary for President campaign, she is obviously just another political hack, like Anthony Weiner and like Hillary. Political power is what matters to these people and they are really screwed up psychologically, in my view.

I can just imagine what kind of childhood the little Weiner-Abedin 4-year-old, Jordan, is having with parents like that. Clearly, Anthony Weiner is unfit to be a father, and I hope that they decide to let a relative take the child to raise him. Even Huma, who is obviously never there for the child because she’s traveling with Hillary, is probably an unfit parent as well. However, I’m way against any government agency getting involved. No CPS here, which is a criminal racket and should be abolished. But I do feel bad for the little kid having to grow up in an atmosphere such as this one. But then, Bill and Hillary Clinton raised Chelsea, and look at what a terrific adult she … turned outtobe.

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