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More Idiocy from “Libertarians” Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, on a CNN “Libertarian” Town Hall

I really wanted to comment on the recent CNN Libertarian Town Hall with candidates Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. I skimmed through the transcript and it’s just so lengthy and annoying, but really Johnson and Weld are so annoying and so stupid, it might be better to just refer to the live tweets by Justin Raimondo as compiled by Robert Wenzel. (Justin did write a more lengthy article for The American Conservative on that CNN fiasco.)

Perhaps a “Johnson-Humphrey” ticket might be more attractive than a Johnson-Weld ticket. Yes, they’re that bad. If we could only go back in time, 1964 sounds really good to me. We sure had a lot more freedom then. I want to say that if the American people knew then what they know now, they would’ve voted for Goldwater. However, most Americans don’t even know now what some of us actually do know now, like about U.S. government getting into foreign wars or starting wars of aggression being a really bad thing, like the drug war’s destruction, and so on. So they probably still would’ve voted for Lyndon Johnson. Whatever.

Back to 2016. I have read more about Gary Johnson, and I see that his early experiences are much to admire. According to Wikipedia, Johnson started his own construction business and grew the business to be one of the largest construction businesses in New Mexico. According to some of the articles cited by Wikipedia, Johnson had an idealistic (and unrealistic) approach to government from an early age. This particular New York Times article states, “Among the ‘seven principles of good government’ that pepper Johnson’s speeches are ‘always be honest’; ‘always do what’s right and fair’; ‘determine your goal’ and ‘develop a plan to reach that goal.'”

So this tells me that Johnson is like many people: very naive about the nature of government, and the corrupting influence it has on even the most honest of people. I have just recently used this quote by Murray Rothbard in his The Anatomy of the State, but it’s worth repeating:

The State, in the words of Oppenheimer, is the “organization of the political means”; it is the systematization of the predatory process over a given territory. For crime, at best, is sporadic and uncertain; the parasitism is ephemeral, and the coercive, parasitic lifeline may be cut off at any time by the resistance of the victims. The State provides a legal, orderly, systematic channel for the predation of private property; it renders certain, secure, and relatively “peaceful” the lifeline of the parasitic caste in society. Since production must always precede predation, the free market is anterior to the State. The State has never been created by a “social contract”; it has always been born in conquest and exploitation. The classic paradigm was a conquering tribe pausing in its time-honored method of looting and murdering a conquered tribe, to realize that the time-span of plunder would be longer and more secure, and the situation more pleasant, if the conquered tribe were allowed to live and produce, with the conquerors settling among them as rulers exacting a steady annual tribute.

So if Gary Johnson really wanted to “always be honest,” and “always do what’s right and fair,” then he should have stayed in the private sector, in which he would have continued to serve others voluntarily, in which he would receive his profits not by forcibly seizing funds from customers as the State does, but through voluntary contract and voluntary transactions.

Nevertheless, when Johnson was governor of New Mexico, he used his veto pen 200 times and those vetoes were overridden only 5 times. Not bad. He made cuts in the rate of growth of the state budget, and really was a true “fiscal conservative.” However, as far as I can tell now, his #1 issue is the legalization of marijuana. But only marijuana. Not other drugs. I think it’s because, to his own admission, he likes marijuana. It’s not because he has any principled understanding of the moral case for drug freedom. If he did, then he would have a principled understanding of the moral case for economic freedom, religious freedom, freedom of association, and so on. Alas, he clearly does not have such an understanding.

According to that Times article, he also really liked cocaine when he tried it, but didn’t continue with it. And I know that many people want to say that Johnson’s having marijuana isn’t detrimental to his health, but I disagree. It has been detrimental to his cognitive health.

One study showed that marijuana usage over time can severely lower an individual’s IQ. (Add that to whatever fluoridated water he may have been consuming all his life, and we’ve got real trouble here.) However, I don’t think that Johnson began to use the marijuana until later in life, particularly after a terrible accident in 2005 in which he used marijuana for pain for the next three years. It’s possible that that whole accident experience, in which he says he had “broken my back, blowing out both of my knees, breaking ribs, really taking about three years to recover,” could’ve affected his cognitive functions as well. In addition to that kind of stress and damage to the body, I can just imagine all the further damaging medical treatment and hospitalization he may have received. (Now, there is a syndrome known as “pump head,” in which during heart surgery the cardiopulmonary bypass can cause fragments to enter the bloodstream and get to the brain and cause troublesome cognitive issues, so it’s possible that other types of invasive surgeries and procedures such as what Gary Johnson suffered through could cause such similar issues.) And then there are all the vaccines and prescription drugs, the processed food with high fructose corn syrup and other crap he may have consumed all his life. Yech.

Besides the possible negative consequences of his accident and treatments, what other explanation could there be but his becoming a pothead as to why he has become so stupid since his days as governor? (Sorry to be so blunt, Gov.) After 4 years now as a “Libertarian” Party member, he still does not comprehend the actual principles of libertarianism, as I have mentioned. And it isn’t just “ignorance,” he really is stupid now, especially given his dumb answers to questions at the CNN Libertarian Town Hall and other places (as noted above by Raimondo).

A lot of people are citing Johnson’s comment that Barack Obama is a “good guy.” No, Obama is not a “good guy.” How can any informed person in his right mind say such a thing? Obama’s war on journalists and government whistleblowers, his war on medical marijuana, his assassinations of non-convicted suspects without charges, his drone murders and other warmongering, his medical care intrusions and other acts of criminality, show that no, Barack Obama is not a “good guy.” He is a “bad guy.”

And Johnson also said, “Hillary Clinton, a wonderful public servant.”

Yikes! Does he really believe that? I think that maybe it’s more than just marijuana he’s been smoking. Besides being a corrupt sleazebag and a degenerate, Hillary is a real criminal. And not just from the Clinton Foundation racket and the email server criminality but a real war criminal as well, even going back to her days as first lady, aiding and abetting her criminal husband in his ethnic cleansing of Kosovo and his continuing bombing and sanctions against Iraq throughout the 1990s, as she urged and supported Bill Clinton to continue doing those horrible things.

Wonderful public servant.

And Bill Weld wants a “thousand-person FBI task force treating ISIS as a gigantic organized crime family”?

No, the real libertarian answer to that is to abolish the FBI, because it is the government that should be treated as a “gigantic organized crime family”! (See Rothbard quote above.)

In that CNN Libertarian Town Hall, Gary Johnson said that “Planned Parenthood does a lot of good,” even though they do a lot of bad, including promoting abortion, promoting risky sexual promiscuity in adolescents, and other sick things.

One thing that Gary Johnson clearly does not understand is that there needs to be total separation of medical care and State. In that case, Planned Parenthood would be on its own. Without government’s support via stealing private wealth and finances from the workers and producers of society, Planned Parenthood’s survival would be just as dependent on private, voluntary funding and support as the Catholic Church is. And that’s the honest, non-criminal way that society should have things.

I wish Gary Johnson would understand that there needs to be not only total separation of medical care and State, but total separation of education and State, drugs and State, agriculture and State, international trade and State, retirement planning and State, and so on. Those are the libertarian solutions to society’s problems.

The libertarian solution is the voluntary solution, in which bureaucrats do not have any more artificial authority over your life than your neighbors do (i.e. none), in which bureaucrats are not above the law as they are now, in which bureaucrats may not steal from the people (no involuntary transactions, no coercion, no legalized criminality by the State against the people).

I don’t think that Bill Weld ever had any promise, given that he has been in government his whole life. But, as noted above, Gary Johnson did have some promise in the private sector. Sadly, he decided to blow all that and get with the wrong crowd (the government crowd, that is).

This is giving me a headache.

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