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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Half-Baker to Sign Transgender Bathroom/Shower Bill

Gov. Charlie Half-Baker says he will sign the Massachusetts House’s half-baked bill to ban “discrimination” against transgenders in public restrooms, locker rooms, shower areas, etc. Gov. Half-Baker is close to former Gov. Bill Weld, which tells us something.

Expecting anatomical males to have to relieve themselves in the men’s room or shower with other males and expecting anatomical females to relieve themselves in the ladies room and shower with other females is not too much to ask. It really isn’t.

Unlike “discrimination” based on race or sex, what the activists are doing is legislatively imposing their lifestyle matters and their own gender confusion issues onto others, by law. The activists are really anti-privacy. It has nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with people who are confused about their own gender, which they need to deal with on their own. But the narcissists want to have the access to the other sex’s restroom regardless of the discomfort they make the others in that rest room feel.

Attorney General Maura Healey says “hold it in” if you don’t like it. She exemplifies the high degree of respect for others that these activists have for the opponents of these intrusions, i.e. no respect.

How many people in the state legislature who voted to approve this new law actually have children and attend public events such as ball games or go to theater with them, or just the mall, in which their little kids will be in the rest room? Don’t these legislators understand that there really are predators out there who will use this law as an excuse to go into rest rooms of the opposite sex to possibly be a voyeur, possibly take pictures on their phones, and who knows what else? Whatever happened to “protecting women” in this so-called “rape culture” we live in. But now, these activists are so into themselves and their personal psycho-sexual dysfunctions they do not seem to give a rat’s a** about others.

If I had a daughter in high school gym class or after-school sports, I would not want some guy, allegedly confused about his gender but probably more likely having other ideas in mind, going into the showers right next to my daughter, and there’s nothing I  or she could do about it. (Our complaints would be met with accusations of “hate crimes,” of course.)

So, while the stoned and/or low-IQ lawmakers will probably override a veto, Gov. Charlie Half-Baker needs to rethink his signing this bad bill. If he signs it, which he says he will, then he really is a “Charlie Half-Baker.” (I have a feeling he is more concerned with not losing votes in his 2018 reelection bid, no?)

Like clueless state legislators, many businesspeople in Massachusetts are also clueless. They support this. It’s all based on emotional arguments, certainly not reason and a realistic prognosis of bad laws.

After all, just how many shoppers (and possibly whole businesses) will Massachusetts lose to New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, or New York because of this law, if it does become law? Many people who have a realistic understanding how all this will go will go up to NH to buy stuff. I know I will.

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