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Donald Trump vs. the News Media

Donald Trump recently referred to an ABC News reporter as “sleazy” and has already developed a reputation to be hostile toward the Press. Trump has already stated that he will use libel laws to go after people who “lie” about him in the media, i.e. point out his ignorance and hypocrisy and the fact that he is a loathsome degenerate. Obviously, Trump is very thin-skinned, and is going to have to shed some of that thin skin and deal with “biased media,” but also deal with the fact that the main role of the media is to act as “adversarial journalists,” to hold the power-wielders feet to the fire.

Given how totalitarian-minded Trump seems to be, that with his anti-freedom of Press, anti-freedom of speech attitude shows that he may be even worse than Obama in Obama’s war on journalists and government whistleblowers.

It’s bad enough we have the anti-freedom of speech leftists who are “triggered” and offended by every non-approved word or phrase and who want to throw “climate deniers” in jail or kill them. But given all the nationalistic flag-waving crapola coming from the Trump crowd I think we can expect freedom of speech and what used to be known as tolerance to take a further decline in Amerika.

However, unfortunately today’s news journalists are extremely Left-biased, not only because many of them want to use their journalistic role as social activists and do-gooders, but because many of them are indoctrinated with leftist views and have no real understanding of the arguments on the other side of the spectrum, and do not care to hear them.

So if Trump becomes President, he is just going to have to deal with the news media manipulating, taking quotes out of context, and smearing him. That is what just about every politician in the U.S. has had to deal with since the country began. But perhaps Trump can take the Ron Paul approach. Despite all the smearing and lies told about Ron Paul during his campaigns for President, he responded to them with facts and clarification. Dr. Paul remained dignified and didn’t threaten anyone with libel suits or jail for the crap the neocon media threw at him.

One recent example of the leftist bias in the media was Katie Couric or her staff’s deliberately editing out gun advocates’ discussion of a question to make them look bad, or look dumb. What really looks dumb is these gun control floozies like Katie Couric who don’t want to consider the idea of innocent civilians being armed to defend themselves against robbers, rapists and murderers, and against psychopaths such as Adam Lanza and James Holmes. Get a clue, Katie.

And don’t forget the notorious “Journolists,” the noted Washington-Establishment news reporters and editors who consciously chose not to report on any news or facts that could damage Obama’s chances for the White House in 2008. That included biased debate questions during the Obama vs. Hillary debates, and smearing conservatives and Tea Partiers (“Call them racists.”). Some of the “Journolists” included Spencer Ackerman and Ezra Klein, and, according to the Daily Caller, reporters from such media outlets as “Time, Politico, the Huffington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Guardian, Salon and the New Republic.”

But the bias isn’t always a leftist bias with these un-journalistic members of the Fourth Estate. As we’ve seen in recent years, especially since 9/11/2001 (nearly 15 years already!), the bias has been a pro-government bias, with much of the mainstream news media merely repeating word for word what government bureaucrats tell them, with no challenging, no questioning, no background research or investigation. It’s either just laziness on their part, or a blind worship of the State, or both. Glenn Greenwald has constantly called out these bureaucrat-spokespeople of the New York Times (Correspondence and Collusion between the New York Times and the CIA, The NYT and Obama Officials Collaborate to Prosecute Awlaki After He’s Executed, The Nixonian Henchmen of Today: At the NYT, The NYT‘s Journalistic Obedience ), Wired (The Worsening Journalistic Disgrace at Wired), the Washington Post (Washington Post and Transparency: Total Strangers, The WP‘s Employment of a Fear-Mongering Smear Artist), and TV “news” people such as Bob Schieffer, Scott Pelley, Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross.

Besides the distortion and out-of-context quotes of Walter Block by the New York Times, the latest example of un-journalistic bias from the newspaper with “All the News That’s Fit to Line the Birdcage” “All the News That’s Fit to Print” was the story in which several ladies were interviewed who supposedly all had some complaint against Donald Trump. Yet after the story appeared the women made it clear in subsequent interviews that their quotes to the New York Times interviewers were all taken out of context and distorted to turn their praise of Trump into criticism of Trump.

Anyway, one reason I stopped getting the New York Times was in 1987, when Times reporter Maureen Dowd did a story on then-Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s alleged “plagiarism,” his quoting British politician Neil Kinnock but not attributing the quote to him. There was a subsequent story in the Boston Globe that stated that Dowd actually gave John Sasso, campaign manager to then-candidate Michael Dukakis, the idea to put the two tapes together, of Biden and of Kinnock. At that point we are hearing that Maureen Dowd’s involvement there was not as a reporter but acting as a campaign assassin against Joe Biden, in cahoots with Biden’s opponent. And Dowd knew that Biden had attributed Kinnock as the source of the quote at all his previous campaign events and/or debates, until that one time in which Biden didn’t cite the attribution. Bye-bye, New York Times.

But we will see how a President Trump will treat the news media. Will he sic the DOJ dogs on them as Obama has been doing? Will he be like Dianne Feinstein, trying to make new laws suppressing the freedom of the Press of those not authorized or licensed by the government to be official members of the Press?

Or will Trump grow up and just handle being criticized (and yes, smeared) and take it like a man?

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