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Are Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Helping Hillary?

Justin Raimondo thinks the “Libertarian” Party duo are acting as straw candidates on behalf of Hillary, and that they’re doing it “consciously.” (Funny, they often sound like they’re unconscious.) Justin quotes them at their recent CNN Town Hall with Chris Cuomo, making the most unbelievable statements. If you are a libertarian, believe in promoting liberty, self-ownership and self-determination, the non-initiation of aggression and private property and freedom of association, freedom of speech, religion and so on, it would be best that you not pay attention to Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. They are statists, fascists, socialists, certainly not “libertarians”! It would be best that you instead read Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Mises Institute articles, and articles, and many others that I often link to here. It is very sad what the “Libertarian” Party has become. I will have more comments on Johnson and Weld soon.

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