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Venezuelans Need to Implement Freedom to Save Themselves

It is very sad that millions of misguided and uninformed Americans are supporting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and their socialist, anti-free market, anti-private property agendas. Bernie is worse, in that he pretty much wants complete government control over the entire economy, over all industry and so on. Bernie Sanders, if elected, will turn the U.S. into a further basketcase than it already is, like Venezuela is now. Why are the Pope and others so critical of free market capitalism, which lifted people up from poverty, and full of praise for socialism which has failed wherever it has been tried?

Unfortunately, some people appreciate equality and dependence more than they appreciate freedom and prosperity. They seem to feel better not when they see that more people are better off, but when everyone is equally impoverished.

What Sanders and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro don’t seem to understand is, economically, when the government imposes price and wage controls it causes distortions in the market, shortages, inflation and unemployment. And when you empower the government to seize entire operations of various industries, industries that most if not all of the bureaucrats know nothing about, you get exactly what we saw with the old Soviet Union, with North Korea and Cuba, and Venezuela now.

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Amid unrest, looting and electricity rationing, Venezuela president becomes recall target

Study: Poverty in Venezuela at 73% of households

Venezuela moves to nationalize food, ration medicine, kill comedy

Venezuelans are fleeing the country in droves, and starting new lives in other countries such as Ecuador.

All these dysfunctions and crises are being caused by socialist government central planning. And a big reason that bureaucrats and their minions and supporters feel compelled to impose their controls over everything is their resentment toward those who achieve, and those who profit from their work. It isn’t just a control freak mentality, but also a pathological envy toward those who have abilities and use them to serve their fellow people, voluntarily. It is a resentment of freedom and the free market, of people producing goods and operating services which give others what they want and need, and profit from such endeavors.

Instead of recognizing that it is their own intrusions and government criminality against society which are causing the chaos and poverty, the socialists and bureaucrats like Bernie Sanders and Maduro blame the free market and the producers and private ownership as the causes of the problems.

In Venezuela, among the several proposals there to try to make Venezuelans’ situation better, the proposals are all about rearranging the deck chairs. The officials and “leaders” do not seem to be proposing to lift the government controls, the price controls and wage controls, lifting their government seizures of industries and production, ending the rationing. They need to get rid of all the regulations and other government thefts of property and wealth which are what bring a society down and impoverish the masses.

Can Maduro (and other bureaucrats such as Obama et al.) possibly consider letting the people have their freedom? Just relax, now. Leave people alone and let those who want to run a business such as grocery store or food distribution company just do what they think is right, and they will serve the people with what the people need. And yes, they will profit.

You know, a large majority of businesses in America are small businesses, like “Mom and Pop” kinds of places. They have a right to make a profit just as you do when you receive your weekly paycheck. Yes, your paycheck is a “profit.” You have given your time, labor and energy to the employer or client in exchange for something you value more than that time and labor, that financial compensation.

So let businesspeople profit from their work, too. They also have to make ends meet just as you do, and they have themselves and their families to feed. Let people make a profit and stop stealing from them, directly through taxes and indirectly through costly and regressive regulations. I’m sure it’s similar in Venezuela. Just what is wrong with people like Bernie Sanders, Maduro and the Pope, that they resent so much a free people making a living and profiting from it? Something is clearly going on in the minds of these resentful socialists.

When government bureaucrats take over ownership and control over the operations of the basic necessities of daily living, they screw it all up, because bureaucrats have no idea what they’re doing. But with freedom and private ownership and control of the means of production and industries, all the individual private business owners are specialists in their particular field of endeavor, and they generally know what they’re doing. Those who don’t know what they’re doing will be weeded out of the market by consumer dissatisfaction and lack of customers thus lack of profits to survive. And the criminals amongst these businesses who commit actual theft or fraud, well, they are few and far between as most of those kinds of people tend to work for the government.

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