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Month: May 2016

More News and Commentary

Brandon Smith explains how a collapse in South America could trigger martial law in the U.S.

Ron Paul says that drafting women means equality in slavery.

Andrew Napolitano discusses the government’s immoral, unconstitutional, and criminal spying.

Glenn Greenwald discusses new empirical evidence showing how mas surveillance breeds fear and self-censorship.

Chelsea Manning (a.k.a. Bradley Manning) says that solitary confinement is torture and should be abolished.

Laurence Vance on the free market at work.

Robert Wenzel analyzes Trump’s plans for huge spending and debts, and says that Trump may replace the Establishment with something worse.

Joshua Krause on the Harvard mumps outbreak: they had all been vaccinated.

Ludwig von Mises explains how taxation kills entrepreneurship.

Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling discuss abolishing the income tax.

Tate Fegley discusses asset forfeiture and the income tax.

Walter Williams on common sense.

The Mises Institute will have a Town Hall event with speakers in Seattle on May 21st.

Jacob Hornberger says, Remember how we got out of Vietnam.

Edmund Wright on Coulter vs. Coulter.

Bill Sardi says that health cometh not from healthcare.

Peter Schiff has some suggestions for Donald Trump.

Thomas DiLorenzo comments on the Establishment’s love affair with Hamilton.

Bionic Mosquito on The Freemen.

Don Boudreaux says that original resource location is irrelevant.

David D’Amato discusses the tyranny of eminent domain.

Patrick Cockburn discusses Saudi Arabia’s attempt to do their own version of Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”

And Breitbart with an article on Obama’s plan to push transgender and “gender identity” rules on all K-12 schools.

Join the Libertarian Party?

It appears that many Republicans are now joining the Libertarian Party as a “small government” alternative to the GOP. (The “GOP” stands for the Grand Old Progressives, in case you didn’t know.)

The LP’s political director, Carla Howell, stated that about 6 times as many people are signing up with the LP per day than before Donald Trump has been declared the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee.

Long-time Republican strategist Mary Matalin has also joined the LP newcomers, explaining, “The Libertarian Party represents those constitutional principles that I agree with.”

Now, there are many good things on the Libertarian Party’s official platform, such as,

“The rights of due process, a speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, must not be denied. We assert the common-law right of juries to judge not only the facts but also the justice of the law.”


“We oppose all laws at any level of government restricting, registering, or monitoring the ownership, manufacture, or transfer of firearms or ammunition.”


“As respect for property rights is fundamental to maintaining a free and prosperous society, it follows that the freedom to contract to obtain, retain, profit from, manage, or dispose of one’s property must also be upheld. Libertarians would free property owners from government restrictions on their rights to control and enjoy their property, as long as their choices do not harm or infringe on the rights of others. Eminent domain, civil asset forfeiture, governmental limits on profits, governmental production mandates, and governmental controls on prices of goods and services (including wages, rents, and interest) are abridgements of such fundamental rights. For voluntary dealings among private entities, parties should be free to choose with whom they trade and set whatever trade terms are mutually agreeable.”

Hey, I think I’ll join! But then, the LP has had its issues, such as nominating for President in 2008 a thoroughly un-libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, who as Congressman voted for the Patriot Act and also voted for the 2002 Iraq War resolution. (Barr went on to endorse Newt Gingrich for President in 2012. Doh!) And then the LP nominated former Gov. Gary Johnson for President. Statist Johnson, who is running for that nomination a second time, has more recently said he wants to ban the burqa and said that he would also force a Jewish baker to have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding. Talk about clueless.

In 2005, the national Libertarian Party came out with their Iraq withdrawal plan, which promoted gradually withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq and transferring them to other countries in the Middle East, as well as endorsing plans for continuing U.S. tax-funded foreign aid!

In such a plan endorsed by the LP, the writers made all these collectivist-sounding government-promoting wonky policy statements, such as, “By removing our troops from Iraq and relocating them to various bases in the Middle East, we remove the insurgency’s common enemy. The insurgency consists of many different factions with no central leadership. One faction consists of leftover remnants of the former regime, such as the Ba’ath party, Republican Guard and the paramilitary Fida’iyin.” And it goes on and on with all those specific details like any of it matters.

No, “Libertarians,” the honest, moral and libertarian troop withdrawal plan is: Get all U.S. troops out of Iraq, and out of every other country that is not a U.S. territory, and bring them all back to the U.S., immediately. And that’s it.

A lot of people have a problem with that, because they are indoctrinated to believe that the U.S. government has some sort of “right” to have its troops and governmental apparatus on other countries’ territories. No, no such right, no such authority.

And many people are indoctrinated to believe that we must have such government forces on other territories to ultimately “protect us” from “bad guys,” and so on. Nope. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

Now, if private Americans or groups want to join some private, voluntary organization to go over to those hellholes to fight in some war for some reason, then they have every right to do that, and they will be at their own risk. And constitutionally, the U.S. Constitution does not authorize the U.S. government to send U.S. military to other countries, or place military bases on foreign territories that are not U.S. territories.

And then on the issue of U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Iraq, those Libertarian Party policy writers wrote, “Safeguards will be put in place to ensure U.S. aid is spent efficiently and effectively. Strict accounting guidelines promoting transparency and accountability must be in place prior to the disbursement of aid. An independent third-party auditor must be hired to perform an audit every six months until the program has ended.” Oh, blah, blah, blah. Jeepers, talk about central planning obsessors, and cluelessness about libertarian principles!

No, the honest, moral and libertarian thing to do with that foreign aid, is to immediately end that foreign aid. You end it immediately because it is derived from loot that is stolen criminally from the workers and producers of America! Such funds are acquired involuntarily, as are all the funds the government takes from the people to fund ALL its redistribution-of-wealth schemes.

And for a policy endorsement page, this one by the LP is terrible, in that it contains no historical information. Libertarians are the ones who generally bring up the history of particular policy disasters or crisis events, such as with 9/11. What about what the U.S. government and the UN had been doing to Iraq prior to 9/11? The first U.S. government invasion of Iraq in 1991 and the sanctions imposed on Iraq by the U.S. government throughout the 1990s are what libertarians including Jacob Hornberger at the Future of Freedom Foundation have been bringing up for years. Hornberger, incidentally, ran as a Libertarian Party candidate for President in 2000. That year’s nomination went to the late Harry Browne for the second time.

Based on what I’ve read, the libertarian views of the current Libertarian Party candidates for President are questionable, at the very least. I think that when the LP’s political director Carla Howell ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, she made a terrific case for “small government.” Perhaps she can run for President.

So, exactly what case has any recent Libertarian Party candidate for President made to cut the federal budget? That means eliminating and dismantling entire programs, schemes, bureaus, and repealing the thousands and thousands of laws, mandates, orders, demands, confiscations, and intrusions currently on the books which are used by the feds to tyrannize and terrorize the people.

And who has said he or she proposes to immediately end the U.S. government’s overseas empire and close down each and every military base overseas? Anyone? (Crickets.) You see, the reason that most people, libertarians or otherwise, are afraid to tell the truth is that a lot of people are just plain indoctrinated to believe what the government tells them, as reported by the government’s stenographers in the mainstream media. And that is one big reason why it is so difficult even for libertarians to rock the boat of America’s militarism and belligerence against foreigners, as well as calling for the complete repeal of every welfare state program, including Social Security.

But in the end, politics is not the answer.

The Stupid Party, R.I.P.

No, I am not on the Trump bandwagon, not on the train. Nor am I with Hillary. I’m not always good with predictions, but this one is easy. In August of 2012, I predicted that Obama would win, thanks to the clueless banana Republicans. In that article, I wrote,

Michael Rozeff’s post on the Lew Rockwell blog is correct: “Obama Will Win.” Rozeff asserts that “Ron Paul was the strongest candidate for the nomination, but the Republicans chose to die instead…”

The so-called conservatives in America who preferred a socialist Big Government Establishment crackpot like Romney will nominate him and sweep Obama to a second term. The Romney supporters will once again put themselves in denial, call Romney a “conservative,” a “capitalist” (which he certainly is not!) and pretend that he would actually entertain the thought of cutting budgets, cutting deficits, dealing with the National Debt, dealing with the current failed system of monetary central planning, and so on.

America is also a sick country, and a banana republic with a “Chief Justice” who bent over backwards to rubber stamp Obama’s SovietCare. America is sick, with millions of people dependent on government, and millions unnecessarily employed by governments — federal, state and local. And America is a police state.

But now that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for President, the plan to install Frau Clinton as the “First Woman President” is all but complete. Thanks to Donald Trump and the non-thinking emotion-driven Trump-bots and crossing-over Democrats who voted for him in primaries, a 50-state landslide for Clinton is assured. Are you kidding? With all the statements he’s made in the past year? And I say it was all intentional.

Trump is a left-liberal progressive who agrees with the Hillary-Obama social agenda, with high taxation and government spending, and social invasiveness. He’s not big on “moral values,” whatever that means anymore. But at the same time, he really is sincere in being against the trend of political correctness. Unless, of course, someone says something critical of him! Then it’s, “I’ll go after you with libel laws!” and so on and so forth. What Trump is is a typical leftist: pathologically narcissistic, a nationalist and collectivist, a believer in government theft of private wealth and property, believer in redistributionism, believer in government powers to pick winners and losers and direct economic activity, and believer in Big Military Might as though that makes a country free or great.

But there is still time between now and the Fall campaign, in which Republicans might cause trouble for Trump, and I hope they do. I want loud arguments, fights, brawls, scratching each other’s eyes out, yeah that sort of thing. And it appears as though Bernie Goetz Bernie Sanders is continuing with his campaign all the way to the Democrat convention. Let’s hope that Bernie really gives it to Hitlary. I want to see bloody battles at both those conventions of the one Government Party that rules over us.

And I heard Sean Hannity on the radio yesterday and Mark Davis this morning. They really believe that it’s the most important thing in the world to make sure Hillary is prevented from getting elected. Don’t vote for third parties, don’t stay home, “Every vote counts!” etc., etc., etc. They just don’t get the big picture. The whole system is illicit, illegitimate and corrupt. It needs to be ended.

But regarding Republicans’ cluelessness, every chance that Republicans had since the New Deal, they blew it. During the 1950s they did nothing to reverse FDR’s New Deal criminality. They decided to accept it. But even before the New Deal of the 1930s, what really sealed America’s fate was the Income Tax of 1913. That made it easy for politicians to live high off the hog at the people’s expense. And that has not changed, not at all.

Ronald Reagan during the 1980s, the 1994 Republican “Revolutionaries,” or all the Republicans, conservatives and many libertarians since then, do not openly and publicly say exactly what the income tax is: theft! It is nothing but theft. The income tax is the government’s way of telling you that your money is not yours, that it is the government’s money, and the government will let you have what the government thinks you should get.

We did not hear Ted Cruz tell the truth about that during this campaign, or others of his ilk. And now the Republicans will have Donald Trump who will be the next losing landslider, like Barry Goldwater but without the conservatism. In the era of Goldwater, it had been John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, who instituted a permanent across-the-board tax reduction for Americans and businesspeople. But what did Republican Richard Nixon do? He gave us the alternative minimum tax. And the fascist EPA. Nixon tried to shove a value-added tax down the people’s throats, because he wanted to federally fund local government schools. How conservative! And “Reagan Tax Cuts” were followed by Reagan signing the biggest tax increase in U.S. history up to that time. Why didn’t Reagan tell the truth publicly at that time what coercive involuntary seizure of private wealth really is? Any country whose government exists by way of literally robbing the people is an illicit, immoral institution. But today’s Republicans understand nothing about this. They know nothing!, as Sgt. Schultz would say.

The only Republican I am familiar with who has been telling the truth about government thefts, taxation and forced regulation, government spending of other people’s wealth, redistributionism, central planning and centralization, has been Ron Paul. The Republican Party, which now resides in hospice, had its last chance with Ron Paul in 2012. Unfortunately, they prefer being arrogant narcissists themselves with this American “Exceptionalism” stuff, their immoral covetousness of invading and occupying foreign territories and stealing the resources of foreigners and killing them with bombs and drones. Thanks to idiot statist socialist Republicans, the Democrat Party, which is mostly the Communist Party in all but name, with its leader Hitlary Rotten Clinton, will be even further empowered to shove its cultural Marxism down the people’s throats, with “Civil Rights” (the right to trespass on private property, the right to extort finances from innocent people, the right to assault innocents, etc.) laws, and further empowered to censor and silence political and social dissenters and traditionalists, and engage in the largest seizures of private wealth and private property in the history of the United States of America. Thus, there will be no more United States of America. What actual freedom we might still have now will be gone.

It is time for Nullification and The Great Secession!

Collectivism Doesn’t Work

Don Boudreaux on his Cafe Hayek quotes Bruno Leoni from Leoni’s book Freedom and the Law,

This faith [in majoritarian democracy] may prevent one from recognizing that the more numerous the people are whom one tries to “represent” through the legislative process and the more numerous the matters in which one tries to represent them, the less the word “representation” has a meaning referable to the actual will of actual people other than that of the persons named as their “representatives.”

And Dr. Boudreaux comments,

This truth, as undeniable as it is simple, is almost wholly lost on, or ignored by, people who insist that, even in large polities, regular and corruption-free elections with wide franchises are sufficient to keep the power of the state in check and, hence, to keep the power of the state deployed overwhelmingly in service to the public good.

And all that reminded me of another great quote, by F.A. Hayek himself, in his article The Moral Imperative of the Market, in which he wrote,

Agreement about a common purpose between a group of known people is clearly an idea that cannot be applied to a large society which includes people who do not know one another. The modern society and the modern economy have grown up through the recognition that this idea — which was fundamental to life in a small group — a face-to-face society, is simply inapplicable to large groups.

Now, one can take the first quote, by Bruno Leoni, as having relevance in our current election circus, which is exactly what these elections are. The Trump supporters want Trump to have all the unconstitutional tyrannical powers of the Presidency to carry out the agenda that Trump supporters want carried out, against the wishes of the Hillary and Cruz supporters and libertarians, and vice versa. Meanwhile, a President Trump will actually carry out Trump’s own personal agenda, as he has been doing with the use of government powers and influence all his adult life now, the same as Cruz and Hillary. The same goes for our Senators and Congressmen. They do not “represent” you.

And the Hayek quote explains in a nutshell why central planning doesn’t work, and the greater the population who are relying on the same one single central planning agency (in our case, the U.S. government in Washington), the less able such a central planning agency will be able to carry out such functions. The rational conclusion, if you are emotionally able to handle it, is to dismantle the central planning apparatus, that criminal racket in Washington, and totally decentralize the territory. Localism is the only real way of resolving a large society’s dysfunctions.

There are those who believe that we need to have the central planners to “protect” us — all of us, all 300 million of us — from foreign aggression. But if you’re worried about “national security,” that’s actually a misnomer. There’s no “national security.” While government bureaucrats will remain safely protected by bodyguards and police and military agents, in contrast “We the People” continue to be increasingly less insecure, either because of government disarming civilians or because the bureaucrats constantly provoke foreigners to act against us with the bureaucrats’ belligerence and aggressions, invasions and occupations and drone bombings and murders of foreigners.

“Security” therefore should be a local concern, an individual concern. That is why all individuals and groups of individuals should have the freedom to exercise their right of self-protection, and with that is the right to “keep and bear arms.” And that means ANY kinds of armaments the people want to have or feel they need to protect themselves from foreign aggression. (One could make an argument against anyone owning or possessing nuclear arms, as such arms are for the purpose of indiscriminate destruction, in which murdering innocents is assured, as Murray Rothbard noted. As it stands now with government ownership of nuclear arms, the bureaucrats will remain comfortably protected in their underground shelters, while “We the People” will be disintegrated by the government‘s nuclear arms. It’s a good reason why, as Murray Rothbard pointed out, government should not own nuclear arms.)

A New Book Debunking the “Rape Culture” Myth

Individualist feminist Wendy McElroy, a libertarian writer and philosopher, has a new book, “Rape Culture” Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women. On the book’s Amazon page, one reviewer, Ethicist, writes,

In Rape Culture Hysteria Wendy McElroy brings to light the dirty laundry behind this ideologically based bit of political correctness. She deftly demonstrates that the rape culture hysteria is all about politics, not correctness. It is about driving a wedge between men and women, while creating a privileged class based on gender.

With hard facts and direct quotes Ms McElroy completely demolishes all of the claims and rhetoric of these extreme feminists who are harming not only men, who they are deliberately targeting, but also women, particularly those who are not willing to accept the ideology on blind faith.

Historically, the privileged class mocks those who dare to confront them with facts and, no matter how loudly they deny it, these PC feminists are clearly the privileged class. They are quick to lash out at actual rape victims who blame the rapist instead of innocent men. They dismiss all men merely because they are men, which goes directly against the equality that the original feminists pursued. PC feminists are the enemy of equality, the enemy of individuality, and the enemy of justice. Yet they are masters of Orwellian doublespeak, calling for “social justice” which is anti-social not justice at all.

And Walter Block writes,

Wendy McElroy is one of the most gifted libertarians of the Rothbardian persuasion now writing. Her latest book debunking the rape culture, is must reading not only for all libertarians, that goes without saying, but for all people concerned with the denigration of men’s rights in our hyper-politically correct society. She not only magnificently applies libertarian theory to this important attack on freedom, but also tells her own personal story, which is equally fascinating. I highly recommend this book.