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Jacob Hornberger responds to critics of his “open borders” immigration views.

Paul Craig Roberts says that when they killed JFK they killed America.

David Gordon discusses Murray Rothbard’s comments on former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

Washington’s Blog says the U.S. government is the most corrupt in history.

Lew Rockwell says that Keynes must die.

Brandon Smith asks, Are globalists evil or just misunderstood?

Fortune magazine on the Real Donald.

Jim Davies on self-ownership.

Butler Shaffer asks, Why do we pretend that it matters?

Laurence Vance on the rights and wrongs of segregation, and discusses the candidates’ fatal flaw on taxes.

Charles Burris compares the Founding Fathers.

The Guardian with an article on how the Pentagon punished NSA whistleblowers.

Mike Marion says that anti-war is pro-American.

William Grigg discusses commie anti-discrimination commissars.

James Lewis asks, Does Obama’s troubled childhood explain his bathroom weirdness?

Chris Rossini on the dangers of the Donald Trump lovefest.

Robert Morrow with many links to discussions of Hillary as Bill Clinton’s enabler.

Dr. Mercola discusses medical errors as the third leading cause of death.

Arjun Walia writes about a Pfizer VP telling the truth about the pharmaceutical companies.

Alex Knight on a vital religion: Automatic voter registration in Vermont.

James Bovard says that Obama’s anti-corruption cops should call Internal Affairs.

James Ostrowski discusses the progressives vs. Dr. Scapegoat.

Richard Ebeling says that governments create monopolies and cause worker exploitation.

Robert Murphy says that capitalism gives power to the people.

Mark Perry on $15 an hour minimum wage.

Jason Ditz on biased Israeli school civics textbooks

Nada Elia comments on Palestinians on Nakba Day in 2016.

Uri Avnery discusses the parallels between Israel and 1930s Germany.

Christopher Manion on George W. Bush’s anti-Christian blowback in Iraq.

Dan Sanchez explains how schooling leads to war.

And Retta Fontana on tyranny in the U.S.

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