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Brandon Smith explains how a collapse in South America could trigger martial law in the U.S.

Ron Paul says that drafting women means equality in slavery.

Andrew Napolitano discusses the government’s immoral, unconstitutional, and criminal spying.

Glenn Greenwald discusses new empirical evidence showing how mas surveillance breeds fear and self-censorship.

Chelsea Manning (a.k.a. Bradley Manning) says that solitary confinement is torture and should be abolished.

Laurence Vance on the free market at work.

Robert Wenzel analyzes Trump’s plans for huge spending and debts, and says that Trump may replace the Establishment with something worse.

Joshua Krause on the Harvard mumps outbreak: they had all been vaccinated.

Ludwig von Mises explains how taxation kills entrepreneurship.

Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling discuss abolishing the income tax.

Tate Fegley discusses asset forfeiture and the income tax.

Walter Williams on common sense.

The Mises Institute will have a Town Hall event with speakers in Seattle on May 21st.

Jacob Hornberger says, Remember how we got out of Vietnam.

Edmund Wright on Coulter vs. Coulter.

Bill Sardi says that health cometh not from healthcare.

Peter Schiff has some suggestions for Donald Trump.

Thomas DiLorenzo comments on the Establishment’s love affair with Hamilton.

Bionic Mosquito on The Freemen.

Don Boudreaux says that original resource location is irrelevant.

David D’Amato discusses the tyranny of eminent domain.

Patrick Cockburn discusses Saudi Arabia’s attempt to do their own version of Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”

And Breitbart with an article on Obama’s plan to push transgender and “gender identity” rules on all K-12 schools.

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