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A New Drive to Draft Ron Paul for President in 2016

Here is their website.

Our signatures below are a plea for former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul to please come out of retirement for one last run at the White House under the Libertarian Party banner. We have seen the current options available and no one would have close to the level of support and excitement that a Ron Paul campaign would create.

According to the Article 15 of the LP Bylaws, we would just need Dr. Paul to express “a willingness to accept the Libertarian Party nomination” in order to be nominated at the LP Convention in Orlando. It is our belief that should Dr. Paul publicly express that willingness, we would be able to convince enough delegates in a short period of time to secure his nomination.

We are asking Ron Paul to accept the nomination should he win it to address these crucial issues this election cycle:

  • Ending the Federal Reserve
  • Bringing Home Our Troops
  • Promoting a Non-Interventionist Foriegn Policy
  • Ending the War on Drugs
  • And most of all: PROMOTING LIBERTY

With Ron Paul as the Libertarian Party nominee, we will be able to get him into the debates with Hillary and Donald to show the American people that there is a better option available.

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