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What Will Happen in November?

What will happen in November? Who cares? You know, it’s really sad to hear all these radio talk shows obsessively discussing this ongoing election for President. A lot of people are really worked up about whether this or that person will get the nomination or elected in November. What a waste of time, and a waste of money as well for those who are irresponsible enough to be sending their hard-earned money to those power-seekers and power-grabbers. But most of all, what a waste of emotional energy that so many people are investing in these kinds of things.

The truth is, no one President or political party is going to “save America,” or protect us from terrorists or otherwise foreign aggressors. As long as people remain faithful and devoted to the very system of centralized power and territorial monopoly which has been the cause of the problems, the situation of economic stagnation and weakened security will continue to get worse.

I think there was some kind of chance for real substantive change had Ron Paul gotten elected President. I know, many people out there have a negative view of Ron Paul based on all the propaganda and smears against him throughout his campaigns. But that was all due in part because of many people’s unwillingness to consider greatly diminishing the centralized structure in Washington, and in part because of many people’s child-like faithful dependence on government to protect them from the “bad guys.”

Another issue is many people’s inability to objectively consider facts of history, such as when someone points out the historical record of U.S. government actions prior to 9/11. Many people are emotionally immature even as adults and react to a telling of such earlier events prior to 9/11 with the same kind of emotional hurt feelings as a child whose classmates insulted the child’s mother or father. They don’t even want to hear of the possibility that their own government (that many people view deep down as a parent) contributed to the conflicts overseas. But that is exactly the case.

And also, is there any other candidate for political office who is willing to tell the truth about how the government acquires its funding? It’s through taxation, which is involuntary, and is lacking of any actual voluntary contract between the so-called services provider (government) and the citizens. If a transaction is involuntary, such as when the government demands that you must pay this certain proportion of your income whether you agree or not, then that is an act of theft. In politics, or in Washington, only Ron Paul has openly acknowledged this truth. A lot of people just brush that assertion off with a wave of the hand, in their brainwashed devotion to government authority and its crimes, and they side with the robber: “Yes, please take my money from me, convince me that you’re giving me something of value in return (even though it is nothing of the sort)” is the common theme of the masses.

Is there any candidate now who tells the truth not only about government’s theft of private wealth or property, and government’s own culpability in its own decades and decades of provocations of foreigners to act against Americans? Of course not. Either they all know the truth and don’t care because they just drool for power and control over others, or they don’t know the truth or understand the system for what it is and they too live under the child-like delusions of grandiosity that mommy and daddy government can or should be empowered to take care of the people.

There are a lot of young people out there who were brought up in the post-9/11 era. Which happens to also be the era of political correctness intolerance. The propagandistic media and government-school robots have influenced the young people to such an extent that the ideas of freedom are being flushed down the memory hole right before our very eyes. Those ideas of freedom include self-ownership, private property and private property rights, freedom of association, free exchange and the voluntary contract.

Covetousness, coercion and aggression are now the way of life in America, and the covetous, coercive and aggressive ones, on the left and on the right (and all points between), use the armed police power of government to implement their agendas against others.

“Civil rights” now means that some people have a “right” to force themselves onto the private property of others, and the right to demand that others do extra labor to serve them. A lot of young people now don’t see that as a bad thing, as they are now heavily influenced by this “Social Justice” crap, which is NOT justice, but in many cases just revenge, aggression and theft. Unfortunately there are some on the “conservative” side who say they oppose this “Social Justice” and political correctness degeneracy, but they themselves are not articulating the importance of self-ownership, private property and voluntary association as values and principles which need to be saved.

No, instead, they want gay marriage made illegal, they want religion and prayer brought back to the public schools, and so on. And while defending the Christian baker’s refusal to bake a cake for a gay wedding, many “Christians” and conservatives would not defend the right of atheist bakers to refuse to bake a cake for a Christian wedding. No mention or understanding of private property, freedom of association or voluntary contract. One of those I don’t hear discussing those principles is Ted Cruz. He’s the one who preaches the importance of “protecting innocent human life” and then promises to “carpet bomb” innocent human lives overseas. I hope the elites of the Establishment Republican Party lock him out of the nomination, by cheating, rules changes, or whatever they can do. I really can’t stand that schmuck.

And I don’t think I’ve seen a worse group of degenerates running for President than right now. They keep getting worse and worse in terms of their character, their inability to question the immoral system we live under, their ignorance and stupidity, and their dishonesty. I can’t believe all the sheeple who have been flocking to Donald Trump because of his sick Reality-TV influence on them. But despite all the crowds he has been getting at those rallies, they are in a very small minority. It looks like he will not get the 1237 delegates needed to win the Rethuglican nomination on the first ballot, and so obviously the elites of the Establishment Republican Party will lock him out the nomination as well. And I hope they do, with all their rules changes, voter fraud, cheating and whatever they can between now and the convention. You might as well have Bozo the Clown as their nominee. (With apologies to Bozo the Clown, of course. He’s much too respectable for this.)

So anyway, the young people need to learn about the ideas of freedom, and that centralization of power is a bad thing, that government monopoly is a bad thing, and that it is a big mistake to depend on bureaucrats to protect you from aggressors, from thieves, frauds, and murderers, when they themselves, those bureaucrats, are the worst aggressors, thieves, frauds and murderers of society. They keep starting wars and imposing deadly sanctions on other peoples of other societies. And it looks like the criminals who rule over us are going to impose price controls. Expect a Venezuela-like situation in the U.S., with empty store shelves, power outages, water shortages, and so on. How will you young people be able to power up your stupid little iPhones and other gadgets, waste time on Facebook, and shop for the latest tasteless crap at the stores when they are all closed down?

The real solution to society’s problems is to go the other way, to decentralize, re-localize, restore private property rights and turn our coercive society, a society with rule by threats and aggression, into a voluntary society of peace and freedom.

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