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Some Misc. Items

The Mises Institute posted a Penthouse interview of Murray Rothbard. The interviewer asks questions typically asked of libertarians who promote private property and freedom, those “But who will build the roads?” kinds of questions, and Murray gives very good answers. It’s an enlightening interview.

Lew Rockwell is not afraid to call out the National Review crowd as leftists, and just another wing of the thought-control police. As I have been saying, the neocons and conservatives are authoritarians just as much as the communists. Not much of a difference.

Laurence Vance provides libertarian solutions to today’s issues.

Dan Sanchez discusses the pretense of nation-building.

Kelley Vlahos explains how wartime Washington lives in luxury.

Jacob Hornberger says the drug war is teetering, and that’s a good thing.

Richard Ebeling on educational socialism versus the free market.

Don Boudreaux says there ain’t no such thing as free college education.

Robert Wenzel discusses free trade, no trade, crony trade, and Trump trade.

John Whitehead lists several everyday activities that are guaranteed to get you censored, surveilled, eventually placed on a government watch list, possibly detained and potentially killed.

Jonathan Turley writes about Frau Merkel’s anti-free speech tyranny on behalf of the Turkey president.

Paul Sperry writes about the Saudi role in 9/11.

Joachim Hagopian has a thing or two to say about the global warming hoax and Paris climate talks (Right now, today at noon on April 26, it is 36° F in Manchester, NH,  34° F in Burlington, VT, and 33° F in Portland, ME.)

Jim Ostrowski on Trumping the Left.

And Jeff Jacoby says, Let the patient pay the piper, and the price of health care will fall.

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