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Politics Is a Racket

Just this morning I heard a little bit of Dr. Grace on the radio. She’s the wife of another talk radio personality on another station, Jeff Kuhner, and Dr. Grace replaced Mike Gallagher in the morning. I was displeased at that change, as, while I don’t agree with him on everything, Mike Gallagher seems to go out of his way to be objective, to find out the whole story. Or as Larry Glick used to say, “The story behind the story.” But I see the station moved Gallagher up to late evening, which is past my bedtime, oh well.

But I heard a little of Dr. Grace this morning and her husband from the other radio station, Jeff Kuhner, called in and it sounded like they were disagreeing over the importance of some candidate winning people’s votes in primaries but the losing candidate taking all the delegates. I really like to hear disagreements on the radio, but in this one Dr. Grace was doing things like sounding a buzzer (like at hockey games, or when someone got a wrong answer on a game show) and maybe playing some other sound effects. That was hysterical. Now that I want to hear, and it’s especially delightful hearing this from a married couple on the radio. I was waiting for the throwing of dishes and slamming doors, but alas I didn’t hear any of that. They still cracked me up. Perhaps if they get divorced they can continue their arguing on the radio, but add the throwing of dishes and slamming of doors. Now, if you’re a divorcing couple then I apologize for causing any upset with my references to throwing dishes and slamming doors. In the old days, Jerry Williams constantly argued with callers, called them a “biddy” or a “Nazi” and so on. That was the good old days of talk radio when we really heard genuine disagreements. These days it’s mainly the host being conservative and taking calls from other conservatives who agree with him, mostly.

But on the issue of one candidate winning the people’s votes in a primary election but the other candidate taking all the delegates, well, that’s politics. The political world is with people trying to grab the reins of power and control over others, power and control over their neighbors’ lives and property and power over strangers. That is what the State is. It is all about legislating your will onto others, enforced by the State’s armed goons. Politics and the State are all about coercion, force, violence, aggression and compulsion. The State is the opposite of what a genuinely free and civilized society is all about. The free society is all about being voluntary. You may not impose your will onto me, and I may not impose my will onto you. All associations, contracts, interactions, transactions, trades, and relationships are voluntary. No stealing, no defrauding, no initiating of physical aggression against others, no violations of the persons and property of others. In contrast, the State is all about stealing, defrauding, aggression and violations by some people of the persons and property of others.

So it shouldn’t be of any surprise whatsoever that the process involved in these elections is all about corruption, with winners losing and losers winning, “strong-arm tactics,” voter fraud, cheating, multiple voting, votes getting thrown out or “ignored” by the little old ladies with blue hair working at the polling places, and so on. Politics is the way of life for those climbing over others to grab the State’s power and control so they can officially climb over others and steal from them via legislation, coercion, aggression, and from the guns and badges of their enforcers. But I don’t think that either Jeff Kuhner or his wife Dr. Grace really understand these things. They both continue with their support of either Trump or Cruz, or any Republican no matter how left-liberal-progressive as is the case with Trump, or no matter how warmongering and flip-flopping and inconsistent as is the case with Cruz.

The Republicrat Party will continue to use the armed power of government to steal from you, and imprison you if you get in its way.

Politics is not the answer to society’s decline. Freedom is the answer.

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